Casey hasn’t expected the nano suit to squeeze her waist so tightly, now she could touch her fingers around it. She moved her hands up to her modest breasts, perhaps she should make some changes there as well she thought.

She picked up the controller and decided to add two cup sizes, the credit card prompt came up. She’d spent her last credits on the suit and the the one change it came with, but now she felt she needed to do more. She entered her boyfriends card number and confirmed the change, she hadn’t ask him but she was sure he’d enjoy the benefits.

Across town Adam’s phone alerted him to a suspicious transaction on his card and he declined it knowing it wasn’t his.

Back at Casey’s place, her breasts expanded and the sensation was orgasmic. She explored her new body on her bed, not noticing the controller beep and display a new message.

“Credit Card transaction has been has been revoked by card holder, please enter a new card number in the next five minutes or as per your service contract you will be processed as a our latest Fully Automated Pleasure Bot ™.”

Five minutes later her time expired and the controller came to life. Casey felt the pleasure ripple through her body as the suit flowed up over her head and fully encase her. It invaded every part of her body and soon the continuous orgasms rendered her unconscious, which initiated the programming for her new life.