“Like, Jimmy, what’s this thing in the kitchen?”

Jenny stared at the thing mounted on the wall, she put her finger on her lip to try and think harder. She was sure she should recognize it. A few weeks ago she was sure she’d would have able recognize it, she’d been smart then, doing an important job of some kind.

Now though she simply blinked a few times before Jimmy responded.

“Oh don’t worry about that babe, remember I told you I’d be install a few camera’s around the house so I could keep an eye on you during the day?”

“*giggle* Oh yea, like I totally forgot!”

Jimmy came in to the kitchen.

“That way next time you get lost in the house I can see where you are and direct you over the cameras. Now get down on your knees and give me a blow job so I can make sure the camera is positioned correctly and in focus.”

Jenny squealed in anticipation, she was so lucky to have a guy as smart as Jimmy to look after her.