She’d been hustling pool since she was a teenager, guys never expected her to be able to shoot stick. Her latest mark should have moved her in to the big leagues, his private game at his house was legendary and she knew how to play her sexuality to give her an advantage.

But something had changed after the first set. She’d let him win of course to try and get the stakes up and she intended to give him at least one more set before she staged her comeback. But now for some reason every time he sunk a ball her pussy twitched. Every time she missed a jolt of pleasure ran up her spine and exploded in her head.

By the fourth set she was missing on purpose just to continue receiving the pleasure. He had suggested strip pool and she eagerly agreed. Now she was naked except the fishnet body stocking she had worn over her other clothes.

At the start of the fifth set she was out of money, naked and horny. She knew they were done playing pool for the night but she desperately needed to continue. She sat on the edge of the table and spread her legs wide holding her cue in her hands.

“Like, I’m tired of playing with this stick and those balls… do you have another stick and set of balls I can play with?”