“Are you sure you didn’t slip a bimbo pill in to my drink?” Miranda said accusingly.

“No I did not do any such thing!” I retorted as earnestly as I could, I was never very good at lying.

“Then why is my hair going blond and my tits… I means…jugs… no… bre… boobs… like getting bigger?”

“I don’t know what your talking about, your hair has always been that colour.”

“Nunhun… Well like… ohhhhh… maybe….” she moaned as her breasts finished ballooning out, stretching the fabric of her top to the limit.

I moved in close and squeezed them, she tilted her head back and moaned even louder. The pill had worked on her lips as well, they were over plump, begging to have something stuck between them.

“See Randi, just like always, big, sensitive and fuckable. And you just loving fucking don’t you.” The words sunk in to her mind, what little had been left was brushed aside as Randi’s need exploded. She pushed forward and kissed me, sticking her tongue deep in to my mouth.

She pulled back a moment later, “So like, can you fuck Randi’s tities now?”

“Sure babe, any time you want.”

She giggled, jumped up and down a couple of times making her tits bounce widely. She eventually had to rip her top off so she could get at her tits. Once she had she found just the right position to kneel in to let me slide my dick between her tits while she looked up at me, lust in her eyes behind those big black glasses and nothing else.