Genevieve hugged the jacket tightly to her. She looked across the street to the blue door that was her destination. A few hours ago she was relaxing at home, no plans to go out and just some recorded TV to catch up on.

Then the phone had rang and when she picked it up the strangest noise came over it. The next thing she remembered was standing naked in front of the mirror, working on her makeup. Once she had finished, she put on a housecoat and walked to the front door. She opened it to find a pure white box with a bow on top sitting in front of her apartment.

She picked it up and brought it in to the kitchen. Inside were several things, 6 inch stilettos, a black latex one piece body suit with holes for her breasts and pussy, a corset and a pair of gloves. Resting on top of all of that was a note, with an address and a photo of the door.

She picked up the note and her hand brushed the latex, her knees almost gave out with the wave of pleasure that came over her. She tried to put it out of her mind, tried to resist, but a few minutes later her house coat was on the floor and she was getting dressed right there in the kitchen.

She walked to the front hallway, found a long coat to wear and headed out, following the directions provided. Now, so close to her destination she hesitated, why was she doing this? What was going to happen next?

The only answer to each question she received was an increased need to open the door. She eventually gave in, crossing the street and placing her hand on the door. Her need surged through her body and straight to her pussy, she twisted the handle and pushed forward.

Inside she was greeted by music as she closed the door behind her. The hallway was long and straight but each step she took caused her body to gyrate to the music. Half way down the hall her coat fell to the floor, a smile across her face as she danced the rest of the way. As she entered the party her mind and pussy were completely in sync, her mind needed to be filled with the music and her pussy needed to be filled with a cock, she step on to the dance floor to take care of both problems.