Denise had been John’s secretary for six months and had made it very clear she wanted his job and wouldn’t take any sexist crap from him.

For his part, John had known as soon as she walked in to his office that first time he wanted her. But he had been patient, letting the subliminal messages of the custom software on her PC work on her mind.

That had been phase 1, it softened her up and laid the ground work for phase 2, 3 and 4. It focused her on her job and working hard for her boss. It was quite successful and once complete she no longer thought of wanting anything but being the best secretary she could be.

Phase 2 had been on her phone, extending the time it had to work on her after hours. By the time phase 2 was complete she was focused on following his orders and making herself available to him anytime.

Now, phase 3 was well underway, removing all her inhibitions. She was sitting in front of the large screen tv in his office, mostly naked and attentive to the programming she was receiving. Another week or so and she’d be ready for phase 4.

John looked forward to phase 4, it focused on her sexual knowledge and prowess. Once it was finished, he looked forward to seeing exactly how much sexist crap she’d beg him to do.