Samantha was so much happier now, the surgery had been just over two weeks ago and this was going to be her first night out since the implants.

She’d had to give up the nipple rings for the surgery but she didn’t need them any more, her new tits were large, round and high on her chest and no one would be looking at anything else.

She put on her best outfit, matching shoes and dress, it sparkled and made her smile every time she looked in the mirror. Before she had had to use a push up bra and even then the cups were not full on the dress. Now the cups were too small and she could barely stuff herself in to it. The straps only just managed to tie together behind her neck.

Now she was ready to party, soon she knew she’d be taking the dress off and getting someone to play with her new tits. She had enjoyed massaging them herself over the last two weeks, but she was really looking forward to some guy doing it for her tonight.