Jessica had been looking forward to the NanoMask all week after she had finally decided to place the order last weekend. It had arrived in the mail on Friday and she had put it on as soon as she arrived back at her apartment. She couldn’t wait to experience “the best sex you’ve ever had by yourself” that the marketing had promised.

She had worn it all weekend and couldn’t believe the pleasure she had experienced. The mask let her reshape her body in any way she could imagine and she had taken full advantage of it. Of course each change had a cost associated with it, they couldn’t really give away the masks for free.

Now, Sunday night, she was finally ready to take it off and get ready for work in the morning. She reached around behind her head and worked the clasp but nothing happened.

“Alert: Credit limit exceeded! Please enter another credit card for your outstanding balance of $1,269.34 before removing your NanoMask.”

She tried the clasp again but it wouldn’t budge. Perhaps she’d gone a little overboard, but it had been so much pleasure she just couldn’t stop. She looked through her wallet for another card that could cover the cost but the only one she hadn’t maxed out wasn’t accepted by the NanoMask.

She went to the kitchen and used a pair of scissors to cut the thin strap holding on the mask.

“ALERT! NanoMask tampering detected! As per the user agreement, any attempt to tamper with the NanoMask will result in immediate recall of the NanoMask.”

She tried to pull the mask away from her face but it would not come off.

“NanoMask recall mode initiated.”

Jessica felt her hands stop pulling at the mask and return to her sides. Her body walked out of the kitchen, through the living room and in to the bedroom, coming to a halt in front of her full length mirror.

“Initiating public exposure mode.”

Jessica was sure she should be panicking by now, but for some reason she stayed completely calm. She watched the mask sink in to her face and become a seamless part of her. Then the pure white of the mask started to extend out and cover her entire body.

When it was complete, she look like a perfect porcelain white doll, standing atop two six inch stiletto heels. Her hair was perfectly white along with the rest of her.

“Initiating NanoMask doll overlay.”

Jessica could suddenly panic again for a brief moment, her hands clawed at her face but found nothing to latch on to. Instead she tried to wipe the covering or whatever it was off her body, sending her hands down the slopes of her huge breasts. As soon as she hit her nipples she knew it had been the wrong thing to do, the pleasure was mind blowing and she dropped to her knees in front of the mirror letting out a moan of pleasure.

She lost control once more of her body as the NanoMask took over.

‘NanoDollies live for pleasure.’ she hear a voice in her mind say.

‘No, no, please I’ll pay… I’ll pay!’

‘NanoDollies live for pleasure.’ her hands continued to fondle her body.

‘Please… I… God… Pleasure!“

‘NanoDollies live for pleasure.’

‘NanoDollies live for pleasure.’ she heard her voice say out loud but she no longer cared, the pleasure was too great and she happily accepted the programming.

Minutes later the new NanoDolly stood up and left the apartment, returning to the factory for its first assignment.