It was Mandi’s first day at work after taking the pill over the weekend, she had just gotten to her cubical when Joe dropped by.

“Wow Marinda, you really did it!”

“Oh, like hi Joey! Ya *giggle* it was like totally the best decs.. like thing… I did all weekend! And call me Mandi!”

“Sure Mandi, hey want to come in to my office for a moment?”

“Ok dokey!”

Joe closed the door as she entered his office. “So I hope you don’t mind me saying but your tits look amazing in that tight shirt. The pill must have done a real number on them!”

“*giggle* thanks! Ummm… do you want to see them?” She said hopefully.

“Well, if you want to show them to me…”

She quickly pulled her shirt up over her head and pulled her tits out of her bra.

“Wow those are nice! Hey do you mind if I take a quick picture?”

She smiled and put her finger on her lip. “Well, only, like, if you promise you’ll slide your big hard dick between them before I like, totally give you a blowjob!”