Connie was running around the mall frantically, she still didn’t have a gift for her boyfriend and it was nearly noon on the 24th!

She turned a corner and ran smack dab in to a wall of red and white, it was the mall Santa Claus and that was no pillow stuffing his costume.  She bounced off of him and landed on her ass.

“Are you ok Miss?”

“Fine thank you.”  She said as she got back on her feet, taking the hand she was offered.

“You seem to be in a real hurry, still trying to find a present for a special someone?”

“Yes, my boyfriend, he’s the best but I’m never any good at presents!”

“Maybe there’s something he want’s that isn’t in the mall if you know what I mean.”  He said with a wink and a twinkle in his eye.

She smiled and found she was still holding his hand for some reason.  She started to pull away, but he didn’t let go, gently holding her hand.

“Come now, you can tell Santa.”

“Well…I should…he like…I shouldn’t…blondes.”

“Ho ho ho now, no fond of your long brown locks is he?”

“No…it’s just…he loves me…but has a thing…for you know…a certain type.”

“Oh yes, I think I remember him from my naughty list!  He likes them not quite as smart as you.”

“Yes…and you know…a little slutty too.”

“Oh I know everything dear, everyone is on one of my lists!”  He said with a laugh.

“But then he really shouldn’t have anything to complain about with you should he?”

Connie felt dizzy for a moment, “Uh, what do you mean?”

“Well just that he should be thrilled with that long blond hair you have.”

Connie looked down at the two pig tails on each of her shoulders, the bright blonde hair seemed out of place for just a moment.

“Well yea of course.”

“And you’re not all the bright obviously if your running around at the last moment looking for a present for him.”

“Like, that’s just because I’m not very org…org…not very good at remembering stuff!”

“Oh, don’t I know it Connie, that’s why I keep a list!  He must really love the outfits you wear too!”

Connie bent over at the waist, put a hand on her bum and looked down at her white platform high heels, baby doll socks, white fishnet stockings and pink and purple vinyl dress.  She looked back at Santa while holding the position.

“Like, of course he totally likes the way I dress!”

Connie stood back up and blew a bubble with the gum she was chewing.

“Well I’m sure he does.  I think I can make a suggestion on what you should get him for Christmas if you like?”

“That would be totally awesome Santa!”

Connie came out of the sex shop with a large bag in hand.  Santa had been right, giving her boyfriend her virginity would be a great present for Christmas.  Of course they’d had sex so often that she really wasn’t a virgin anymore, well at least her pussy wasn’t, but she was sure the anal lube would help with her first time.


Merry Christmas everyone!