Emily sashayed in to the next room, duster in hand and posed for the camera. 

She turned around and made sure it had a good view of her entire body before she walked to the corner of the room and started dusting.  At first, the items on the top shelves that were in easy reach but she knew she’d only be able to delay the inevitable so long.

When she ran out of things to she could dust standing up, she found the closest item left and bent over to reach it.  Bending at the waist and sticking her ass out was humiliating but her body did it of it’s own accord now and she knew what was coming next.

The sound of the heals on the marble floor echoed as they approached her, when they came to a stop Emily felt a hand caress her protruding ass.

“My, my, Emile, you are doing such a fine job today.”

“Merci Mistress!”

Emily once more heard the heals clatter on the floor as the hand receded, followed by the sounds of the red leather of the chair taking the weight of her sitting down.

Emily knew what was expected but once more delayed as long as possible, dusting every inch of the room before making all the way back around to the chair.

Sitting, smiling at her when she finally made eye contact was her husbands mistress, Brandi.  The buxom blonde had on a white and pink t-shirt that left nothing to the imagination and a short skirt that had ridden up when she had lifted a leg up on to the seat of the chair, exposing her bare pussy.

Brandi was stroking it lightly as Emily waited for what was coming next.

“Oh Emile, I think there’s something else her that needs cleaning… won’t you be a doll and take care of it?”

“Oh, oui Mistress!”

Emily crouched down between Brandi’s legs and began licking, making sure the camera could see her tongue darting in and out.

A month ago she had confronted Brandi at her apartment telling her to stay away from her husband or she’d regret it.  Looking back Brandi had been too calm and if Emily hadn’t been screaming at her, she might have noticed. 

She didn’t remember much of what Brandi had said or done once she stopped screaming, but by the end of the week Brandi had moved in to the house and started making changes. 

By the end of the second week Emily was wearing the maids outfit and speaking in only broken french.  The camera had shown up last week and this was the third “show” Brandi had broadcast on the net.

A sharp slap to her ass brought her back to the moment.

“You’re drifting dear, my pussy isn’t going to get clean all by itself now is it?”

Emily’s response was to simply work harder, she didn’t know how Brandi had done it, but she did know the faster Brandi came the cleaner she would be and cleaning was very important to Emily now.