Angie let the water run down over her body, she’d heard that sometimes the pill made you feel hot as it worked so she’d figured she’d be preemptive and had a nice cold shower running when she took it.

Soon enough she began to feel the effects, at first the water countered the heat but soon she found herself feeling a different kind of heat and she leaned back against the wall.  Her hand found her pussy just in time as the pill kicked in to overdrive and she gasped as her fingers found their way inside of her.

She could feel the rest of her body changing, tightening, compressing and expanding at the same time.  But she was surprised as she felt her back slide up the wall as they lengthened.

When it was all finished her hand continued to work and she stretched her new body out as she continued to build to an orgasm.

When it finally happened her body became taught and she called out in pleasure.  Only to collapse on to the tile floor of the shower afterwards.

She looked up at the shower head, the water raining down on to her face and she smiled, she knew what would feel even better spraying all over her face than mere water.