Casandra was so confused, she knew something was wrong but she just couldn’t quite put her finger on it.  She rubbed her temple as she tried to figure out what was the matter.

“Oh dear, did I wander a bit too far away Cassie?” Gary asked as he walked back out from the kitchen to the pool.

Casandra looked up and scrunched her forehead, Gary was a creep that kept peeping at her from the next house over to her friends, she shouldn’t be in his back yard should she?

She concentrated hard, looking at Gary intently, when she noticed the small black remote in his hand.

“Hey, what’s that in your..” she began to say as Gary held the remote out in front of him and pressed a button.

Cassie dropped back on to the wicker lounge chair as a wave pleasure took her.  One hand moved quickly to her pussy and the other grabbed her breast as she thrusted her pelvis up and down in to the air.

Gary walked over to her and stood between her outstretched legs, she immediately pushed herself as high and as close to him as she could.  He placed his hand on her pussy and smiled.

“See Cassie, everything just perfect again.” he said as he pressed his thumb on to her clit and started rubbing.

Cassie gasped and the pleasure and soon came hard.