Red Eye Flight is a series of captions about a mysterious stranger with the ability to warp reality and the adventures he gets into when he flies the very friendly skies.

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The private lounge at the airport was quite, it was late in the day and Amy had been called in at the last moment to work a charter flight to Miami.  Susan was already sitting in one of the large comfortable chairs along the wall, waiting for the plane to arrive.

Amy looked around and found a single gentleman sitting on the other side of the lounge, she figured it had to be the client.  She sat down in the chair beside Susan which caused Susan to look up from the magazine she was ready.

“Oh, hi Amy, the plane should be here shortly.”

“Thanks Susan.”

Amy looked at Susan’s short blond hair, she’d worked with her before and liked the older woman quite a bit.  She figured Susan was probably 20 years older than her, but she always had a smile on her face and it wasn’t the fake one many flight attendants plastered on their faces at work.

Amy cast her gaze across the room to the client, for some reason she couldn’t quite make out his features.  She could see he was there but as soon as she tried to focus on the details it was like her eye’s simply slide off of him.

She continued to try and focus on him with little success until suddenly his eyes came in to clear relief as they started to glow red and she was paralyzed by them. 

Amy couldn’t move but she knew something was happening, her uniform started to shift and adjust itself on her body.  She could feel her shoulder length trickling down her back.  Her slacks started to recede up her legs and her feet arched as if she was wearing high heels.

His eyes returned to normal and Amy could once again move, she turned to her left in her seat to see check on Susan but she was already out of her seat walking towards her.  Susan’s long blond hair spilled over her shoulders and framed her young beautiful face.

Amy’s pussy suddenly came to life, a small gasp escaped her lips as Susan extended her hand and touched Amy’s face gently.  Amy was captivated as Susan crawled up on to the arm of the chair and slide her hand down from her face to her breast and squeezed. 

Before a second moan could escape her lips, Amy found Susan’s tongue in her mouth and she instead sucked on it.  Susan repositioned herself on to Amy’s lap and continue they continued to enjoy each others bodies until the plane arrived.

When it did, Amy followed Susan on to the plane to prepare for the flight and knew the man with the red eyes would be joining them soon.