She peddled hard, not even noticing her lose top had let her breast hang out.  Her focus was on the screen in front of her.  No one else was here, the lights were off in the gym and Dan had let her stay late after she had offered him a blowjob.

Funny thing was, a few months ago when she had first started coming to this gym the idea of giving Dan a blowjob had been the furthest thing from her mind.  In fact she’d actively avoid him for the first few week, but things slowly started to change after she’d joined his spin class.

She pushed even harder, her goal seemed so close, like it did every night, but she never seemed to get to it.

Dan watched from the other side of the room, she’d come along well and was almost ready for the next step.  He’d know for sure when she stripped down naked for the blowjob and then didn’t bother to get dressed for her spin session.