Red Eye Flight is a series of captions about a mysterious stranger with the ability to warp reality and the adventures he gets into when he flies the very friendly skies.

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Lauren walked on to the charter flight, her shoulder length black hair tucked up under the blue cap of her conservative uniform.  The glare from the mid day sun beat down on the tarmac and Lauren had worn her aviator sun glasses as usual.

She pulled her suitcase behind her and over her shoulder she clutched her prized camera bag.

She’d been taking these charter flights so she could spend some time abroad and work on her portfolio, this trip to Hawaii seemed like a great opportunity to get some great shots without actually having to leave the country this time.

As her eyes adjusted she turned to the passenger area of the plane she removed her glasses and saw only a single person in the plane.  Well saw wasn’t the right word, she knew he was there but for some reason she couldn’t quite make out anything about him.

She put it out of her mind and went about her regular routine, once the pilot had closed the door she made her announcements and took her seat for takeoff.  A few minutes later they were in the air and climbing to their cruising altitude.

Lauren walked back in to the passenger area and moved towards the strange blur sitting there, she put on her best smile, “Hello, I’m Lauren and I’m…”.

Before she finished her though a pair of glowing red eyes turned towards her and suddenly she froze in place.

A sudden wave of heat moved over her body and she saw her uniform start to change.  First It lightened several shades to a baby blue, the gold piping moving and rearranging itself.  Her white blouse seemed to disappear and her slacks receded up her legs, forming a small skirt.

Her full length jacket similarly started to move up her torso and arms until it was just a shadow of its former self, leaving her slightly pudgy mid section visible.

As the changes finished she tried to let out a sigh of relief but found they were not done yet.  She watched her belly fat disappear along with the rest of it, her whole body felt tight as she felt her hair start to creep down her back.

Lori held the camera up and look through the viewfinder, the girl standing on the set was dressed up in a sexy stewardesses uniform.

Lori pursed her lips as her pussy twinged with excitement, she loved her job as a porn photographer.  So much so that she always dressed up the same was as the subjects, just in case she could convince them to let her participate in a few private shots after they were done.