Karen opened the car door and tossed her gym bag in the back seat.  She sat down in the drivers seat and looked in the mirror, she sighed, her hair was a mess.  She grabbed her baseball cap from the back and pushed it down on her head.

Checking the mirror again her short brown hair still didn’t look any better but at least some o fit was covered up.  She adjusted her baggy pink top and then looked over at the package in the passengers seat.

It was her birthday yesterday and John had gotten her custom made lollipops.  She always took of herself, but lollipops where her one weakness.  She’d been so happy about it she’d almost not broken up with him.  But only almost.

She reached over and grabbed the package, unwrapping it and pulling out the green one of the sugar filled sweats.

Taking the wrapper of the lollipops brought an amazingly sweet smell to her nostrils and she lingered a moment after inhaling a deep breath.

She gingerly rose it to her lips and took a small lick, savoring the taste as her whole body seemed to respond to it.

The second lick ended with the lollipop being sucked fully in to her mouth as she worked her tongue around the spherical goodie.

The next several minutes she spent moving the lollipop in and out of her mouth, taking the sweat taste of it down in to her stomach.

When her lips started to tingle she hardly noticed, but without thinking about it she rubbed the lollipop over them more and more.

When she felt her hair touch the top of her breasts it surprised her, but what surprised her even more were the two large orbs sticking out from her chest!

She looked up in to the vanity mirror again and saw the wide eyes of a blond bimbo staring back at her, her lips wrapped around a lollipop .  She tilted her head to the side slightly and the bimbo followed suit.

Suddenly it hit her, she was the bimbo!

She pulled what was left of the lollipop out of her now inflated lips and felt like something was wrong.  The bimbo’s face fell in to a pout.

She pushed the lollipop back in to her mouth in a panic.

What was she going to do?

She looked over at the other lollipops in the package and pulled another one out and unwrapped it.  She quickly swapped it with the one she’d been working on.

It was alright, but it wasn’t as good, it was different somehow.

Panic started to rise again as she placed the small nub of the green lollipop back in to her mouth.

That’s when she noticed the card under the package, signed with a simple “Love John”.

Yes!  That was it, John would know what to do.  But she’d been so mean to him last night when she broke up with him.  She looked in the vanity again as the small green lollipop continued to fade away.

She started the car, not sure what would happen when she arrived at John’s, but was pretty sure if she got down on her knees and begged him to help, he’d have something she could suck on.