Betty walked in to the Milk Shakes-a-Go-Go and looked around for Kim, her best friend from the college they attended.

Use to attend, she corrected herself.  With the epidemic of drop outs from the women’s studies courses they’d all been canceled, leave Kim and her with no courses to go to.

The place was mostly empty and she didn’t see Kim, but she did catch a glimpse of Nick in the back.  She slipped her small, straight frame behind the counter and in to the kitchen.

“Hey Nick have you seen Kim lately?”

“Oh, Betty, hi!  She wasn’t scheduled to work today but I saw her yesterday.”

“I checked her apartment but she wasn’t there and she isn’t answering her phone, I’m worried about her.”

“I’m sure she’s fine.  Probably out trying to find a new college for the fall.”

“Yea, I guess.”

“Hey, since your here, I’ve been working on a new milk shake, can you give it a try for me?”

Betty frowned, “Well… is it better than the last one?”

“Oh god yes, that one was terrible!”

“Ok then, but if it’s not it’s going in your face!” she said with a smile.

Nick opened the fridge and pulled out a glass with a pink coloured milk shake in it.  He grabbed a straw, put it in and passed it to her.

She took a tentative sip and the sweat flavour hit her tongue sending of burst of stars throughout her body.

She started to suck harder as the fireworks continue the explode in her head until there was nothing left.

Betti walked back in to the kitchen, her large tits swaying side to side in the too small bikini top as they kept time with her swaying ass in the mini skirt.

“Like Nick, one o f the customers asked for the daily special.  Um, what was that again?”

“Large milkshake with their choice of side… blowjob or titty fuck.”

“*giggle* like oh my gawd, how could I forget my two most favorite things!“