“So, like, tell me again what happened?” Lulu asked, she was on her elbows and knees, naked, her sparkling blue eyes catching the light.

“Alright, but it really won’t help.  I got that pearl ring from the old woman at the flea market, she said it would grant a wish.”

Lulu pouted, “But like I wished to be rich and famous!”, she said as she dropped her arm down and front of her and crossed them before putting her chin down as well.  It raised her ass even higher in the air, giving him an even better view of her now curvaceous body.

“Well I probably should have told you it wasn’t your wish that would be granted before I let you put it on, but I didn’t really believe it would work…”

“Gawd, if it wasn’t, like, my wish… who’s was it?!”

“Well mine of course.”

“But, like, it didn’t work!  I’m still the horny blonde bimbo I’ve always been!”

“Well… yes… of course.” he replied, smiling widely, “Maybe I should try again?”

“Oh my gawd yes!”

“Alright, I wish my horny blonde bimbo would crawl over her and give me a blowjob.”

“Silly boy, I can make that wish come true without a magic ring! *giggle*”