Karen stretched out over the dark sheets of her bed and blinked the sleep from her eyes, it was Saturday and she could take her time.

She ran her hand through her short black hair and decided it was time to get on with it.  A quick shower later she got dressed and went out grocery shopping.

When she returned to her apartment building she went to pick up the mail and stopped just before she entered the mail room.  Johnny was there.  She hated Johnny, not because of anything specific he’d done, but because of the little comments he always made when they met.

It was always something about her appearance, about how she should grow her hair out, or dress a little nicer, or lose a few pounds.  He always phrased it nicely enough, some kind of complement that quickly turned in to sly jibe of some kind.

She braced herself and went in.  She made a bee line for her mailbox and didn’t look up as she retrieved her mail.

She turned to leave but her eyes meet Johnny just as he was leaving the room.  To her surprise, instead of stopping to talk to her, like every other time, he smiled, gave her a simple nod and continued on.

Karen stood, shocked as he entered the elevator and disappeared.

She snapped out of her stupor when she realized she should have caught that same elevator as they were on the same floor.

A few minutes later the elevator returned and she made her way up to her apartment door.  She inserted the key and turned it, pushing open the door.  Behind her she heard another door open and just as she turned to see who it was her body froze in place.

She heard footsteps come up behind her and not of her own volition, she started to walk forwards.  As she passed the hallway mirror she caught sight of Johnny, walking behind her, holding some kind of remote control in his hand.

Karen knelt on the dark sheets of her bed and pressed her forehead to the mattress, her long blonde hair flowed over her slendar shoulders and she pushed her ass up in to the air.

It was Saturday and Johnny would be arriving soon and she was ready for him.