Vicky bounced over to the booth at the Milkshakes-a-Go-Go’s, her tight jean bra barley holding in her boobs and she smiled at the new customers seated there.  It was nearly the end of the day and they’d be closing soon so there weren’t any other customers in the shop.

“Like hi!  I’m Vicky, what can I get you?”

“Hi Vicky, two chocolate, one vanilla and one strawberry shake.  Is Rick in the back?”

“Yea, he’s totally back there!  You want to talk to him?”

“Yea sure, thanks.”

“Okay, be right back boys! *giggle*”

Vicky sat on one of the stools by the bar and played with her hair.  She watch Rick come out from the back with the four shakes and head over to the booth.  A few minutes later he was laughing with the customers and she noticed he turned to look at her on the stool.  Her pussy came to life like it did every time Rick looked at her and she squeezed her legs together to try to keep it in check just like Rick had told her to during her shift.

Rick stood up and walked back in to the kitchen and the customers continued to talk amongst themselves.

“Hey Vicky,” Rick called from the kitchen, “why don’t you lock the front door and flip the sign over.”

“Like ok Ricky!”

Vicky jumped up from her seat and waled over to the door, her heels clicking on the tile floor.  She locked the door and flipped over the sign to say closed, when she turned back, Rick was walking out of the kitchen again towards the boys in the booth.  

He had another milkshake in his hand and called over to her, “Come on over Vicky and join us.”

Two of the guys slide out of the booth and let Vicky sit in between the four of them as Rick pulled up a chair and sat the open side of the booth.

“They guys here were wondering if they could take a picture of you Vicky, that would be ok, right?” Rick asked.

“Like, totally Rick!”

They guys shuffled away from her a bit as rick set a magazine down on the table in front of her.

“They really liked this photo, do you think you could pose like that?”

Vicky nodded and giggled as Rick handed her a milkshake and they guys pulled the table out of the booth.

She laid back did her best to imitate the pose as the guys snapped a few pictures with their camera.

Rick made a face at her like he was sucking on a straw and she giggled a bit as it finally sunk in and she took a sip from the milkshake.  The first was followed by a second and third as her focus turned from what the boys were doing to how good the shake tasted!

As she slurped up the last of the shake she felt the warmth pass over her and a moan slipped from her lips as the straw still hung between them.

She arched her back as she felt her bra dig in to her expanding breasts and finally give way as her growing orbs broke free.  A lock of her blonde hair fell in front of her face and she watch it lighten to almost pure white and wiggle it’s way down between her tits.

She didn’t notice Rick taking the glass from her hands, but once they were free they roamed over her body, they worked they way over her thinning waist and found her increasingly sensitive pussy.

She felt hands grab her tits and she opened her eyes, the four boys were naked and one of them had stepped in to the booth and placed his hands on to her.  

She let out a squeal of pleasure and grabbed his cock as the other three entered the booth and joined in.

Soon one cock was in her mouth, one was in her pussy and she had one hand on each of the others.  When the first orgasm took her she sucked in as hard as she could, clenched her pussy and gripped the cocks in her hands harder.

The boy with his cock in her mouth couldn’t take it and let go of his load and she swallowed it down as another orgasm hit her.  He pulled out and she guided one of the other cocks to her mouth and continued to suck.

The last cock in her hand pulled away and she felt around for it again, unable to find it until she felt it press against her ass hole and she grabbed her ass cheek and pulled it away to make sure he had easy access.

“Damn Rick, I can’t believe you got Mrs. Summers working here!  She was the most fridged teach in high school.  The hottest, but ice cold!”  The boy that had cum in her mouth first said.

“Yea, Victoria was a real ice queen, but Vicky here is a hot little piece of ass.”

“Yea Rick, she really seems to be enjoying that dick in her ass now.”