Alex looked in the grab bag of candies the club had given out to the ladies that night, she’d flirted with the guy giving out the bags and even traded Skype ids with him by the end of the night.  She thought his name was John, but after a long night of drinking it was hard to remember.

She pushed around a few of the candies until she found a lollipop that looked interesting.  She set the bag down and unwrapped it, taking a tentative lick, her taste buds exploded as it hit her tongue.  She pushed the lollipop in to her mouth and started to suck on it harder, she was so focused on the sweet candy rolling around in her mouth she hardly noticed the warmth spreading across her body.

By the time she noticed her breasts expanding, pushing her already right top to it’s limits, it no longer mattered as the only thing that had her attention was the sweet taste of the confection in her mouth.

She finished sucking the last of the lollipop from it’s stick as her puffy lips continued to try and wrap themselves around the small stick, her hair had added several inches and lightened considerably as the orgasm rocked her body.

As she recovered she let out a gasp and giggled slightly.

She smiled and looked at the bag again and digging in to find another lollipop.  Just as she pressed it against her lips her phone rang, a Skype chat request from John.

Her pussy tingled at the thought and she answered the request as she slide the second lollipop in to her mouth.

“Hi Alex… oh I see you’re on your second one already.”  John’s smiling face said across the chat.

Alex nodded and smiled.  She opened her mouth wide and moved the lollipop back and forth in to her mouth making sure John had a good look at it and then she giggled.

“That’s right Alley, just keep on sucking it as those tits balloon out even farther and those cock sucking lips fill in even more.”

It sounded like a great idea to Alley and so she continued to do so.

“Your going to be my best bimbo yet, an eager little sex bunny to add to my collection.  Now while your working that lollipop, text me your address and I’ll be right over.”