Florance shook her head with a rye smile at how easy Jim had folded at breakfast.  They’d been living together for a few months and he was useful enough around the house, he wasn’t much good for anything else.

If she was honest with herself the only reason she’d let him move in was to maintain the right appearance at work, it wouldn’t do to have the next CEO as a single woman after all.

She opened the door to her 5 series and turned over the engine, pulling out of the driveway on her way to the office.  She had only just held in a laugh when he’d suggested they get a pet over breakfast, at least he hadn’t brought up kids… again.

She pulled on to the freeway and wondered how he had ever thought she’d go for a dog or a cat, far too much hair that would ruin her business suits and fine dresses.  She wasn’t going to have any filthy animal in her house.

She would have to remember to remind him of his place in their relationship tonight when she got home.  

She pressed the accelerator as traffic picked up and put it out of her mind for the rest of the day.

Florance smoothed her latex body suit over herself, the shiny material covering her torso and upper part of her legs, but leaving her legs and arms exposed.  She put on her black high heeled boots and a corset for effect more than anything before picking up her riding crop and swinging it through the air a few times.

She was looking forward to the sound it made as it landed on Jim’s bare skin, she’d found that just a little bit of re-enforcement had gone a long way with Jim in the past.

She heard him coming up the stair as she stretched a bit and then spread her legs, held the crop in her hands in front of her, tapping one end gently in her hand.

Jim entered the room and came to a sudden stop.

“Down on your knees slave, you clearly need a reminder who is in charge.”

“Yes… Mistress…” he managed to stutter out as his knees touched the carpet.

She walk over and around him, checking his posture and gave his hand a smack when she saw his fingers twitching slightly.

“Sorry Mistress!” he responded quickly and quieted his hands.

She walked back around in front of him, stepped forward and pulled his head in to her crotch, where he started to nuzzle and lick at her covered pussy.

Florance rolled over and pushed Jim farther away from her, she’d had two orgasms, not bad considering she hadn’t let him cum at all.

She smiled as she felt the bed move and Jim’s footsteps start to move away, she turned over and watched his bare ass, the red marks still fresh, head towards the bathroom.

Her smile turned to a frown as a though crossed her mind.  Would he dare to try and rub one out in the bathroom after she had forbidden it?

She slipped out of bed, her now bare feet touching the carpet and started towards the bathroom door when he appeared in the doorway, coming back in to the bedroom with something in his hand.

“What’s that in…” she started to say before her body suddenly became stiff and she found she couldn’t move.

A smile crossed Jim’s face, the first one she’d seen in months.

“There we go, that’s better now.”

She tried to struggle and move but her body refused to move.

“Wondering what’s happening Florance?  It took quite a while to save up enough of the pittance you gave me to run the house to get a nanosuit, especially a hacked controller like this one, but it appears to have paid off.”

Florance tried to panic, to run, to scream, to berate him, but nothing happened.

“I was so afraid you’d notice the difference between it and your normal latex body suit, but when I saw you standing there tonight I knew you hadn’t.”

She thought back to putting on her latex suit and couldn’t remember any difference at all.

“It’s a good thing these nanosuits can copy any article of clothing with just a sample of the original.  Now then, what were we arguing about this morning?  Oh right, you didn’t want a pet, you weren’t going to have one of those ‘filthy animals’ in your house right?”

Florance watched Jim selecting options on the controller until he seemed satisfied.

“There we go, good thing we don’t have to pay for all these options.” he said as he made a grad gesture of tapping a button on the display.

Florance felt the nanosuit start to spread out, covering her entire body, flowing over bare arms, hands, legs and feet, fully encasing her.  Then felt her body start to tighten as her corset fell from her body, only to be replaced by a new one created by the nanosuit that cinched her waist tightly.

She watched herself raise up on to her toes as the nanosuit formed the stiletto heels under her feet.  Her dark blonde hair started to cascade down in front of her, lightening to almost white.  Then she felt something extend up over her scalp, but whatever it was she didn’t pay it any mind as suddenly she felt a pressure at her sphincter as something pushed in to it.

Just as the nanosuit finished the physical changes she felt it enter her mind and start to make changes there too and a fog came over her.

When Fluffy’s mind cleared she was on all fours, looking up at her owner.  There was another voice in Fluffy’s head saying the silliest of things about her owner but she knew better, he was the best owner every!

She opened her mouth and let out a quite mew as she rubbed up against his leg, crawled around him and wrapped her tail around him as well.

He reached down and ran his hand over her head, stroking her gently before walking over to the bed.

He taped the bed several times, “Come on up Fluffy, up on to the bed.”

Fluffy managed to get up on to the bed with only a little bit of difficulty and ended up facing away from her owner.  She felt him stroke along her back and over her ass a few time before placing his hand firmly on one ass cheek and pushed around so she was facing him again.

“Time for your treat Fluffy, open wide.” he said.

She opened her mouth and Jim presented her treat right up to her lips and she wrapped them around it.

Soon she was “purring” in pure bliss as he worked his shaft in and out of her throat, she felt him stiffen even more and then grab the back of her head, pulling her up to face him with one hand as he aimed with the other, his cum hitting her face.

He released her head and used her tongue to lick as much of her treat from her face as she could, then using her paw she pushed the rest of it between her lips and swallowing every last drop of it.

After all, dirty animals weren’t allowed in the house so Fluffy had to make sure she was always as clean as she could be.