Patrica opened the gift box and gasped at the string of pearls inside.

“Oh my Paul, their beautiful!”

“Do you like them?”

“Yes!  But they’re too much… where ever did you find them?”

“Oh I was looked through one of those antique stores over on Market Dr. and found them in a clearance box.  They shop keeper didn’t think they were real, but I think they are.”

“Me too.  So I bought them anyway.  Inside the case there was a short note, I didn’t recognize the language but a quick Internet search said it translated to ‘A gift for the giver.’”

“That’s kind of sweat I guess.” Patrica said as she took them from their case placed the short chain of pearls over her head and around her neck, brushing a stray short hair out of the way as they settle around her.

Patrica ran her finger over the string and smiled again, her uneven teeth show between her thin lips.  Adolescences hadn’t been her friend and had left acne scars on her face.

Paul had been the best boyfriend she’d ever had and he loved her just the way she was, flaws and all.

“They feel amazing!  Almost like they’re warm…” she said as her eyes glazed over slightly.

“Are you alright Patrica?”

“I… I.. I’m… fine…” she said as the warmth spread from the pearls to her whole body, “ooooohhhh!”

Patrica felt her body start to warp and change as her clothes started to fade from view.

She felt her teeth rearrange themselves in her mouth.  Her lips blossom outwards, her skin become smooth, her hair extend down her back.

The string of pearls extended down between her growing cleavage, wrap around her thinning waist, down between her legs and back up over her pussy.

As the changes finished she looked over at Paul, a hunger in her eyes.  Paul was stunned in amazement at the gorgeous woman in front of him

“Wow, Paul, that’s the best gift I’ve ever received and I didn’t get you a thing.” she said, a wicked grin crossing her plump lips and exposing her perfect white teeth.

She threw one leg over the other and twisted around, showing Paul a full view of her ass and pussy, the pearls threaded between them.

“Mmmmm, but maybe if you stick that hard cock in my pussy I can start to make it up to you…” she said as she licked her lips as Paul dropped his pants and wasted no time in taking full advantage of the gift he had given her.