Tom walked in to his condo and was surprised by the gorgeous brunette sitting on his counter.

“Humm, hello?” he said but her eyes stayed closed and the slight smile on her lips didn’t budge.

He looked around, double checking that someone wasn’t playing a joke on him and was going to jump out of the closet or something.

He touched her shoulder and still no response.  He walked over to his dinette and picked up her jacket and found an envelope in her pocket with his name on it.

He opened the envelope and pulled out a card from inside, a bit “Happy Birthday!” across the front of it and a smile came to his face.

Inside he found a hand written note;

“Hi Tom, sorry I couldn’t be there for your birthday today, but I got you a gift to make up for my absence at your party.

Your friend, Henry.

P.S. That magic phrase is  ‘Barbie Doll’.”

The smile on Tom’s face grew even wider as he tossed the card on the counter.  He leaned in to the brunettes ear and whispered the phrase and then stepped back.

She blinked several times, her eyes wide, her lips parted it to a round ‘O’ as she twisted her shoulders side to side causing her large breasts to pop out of her top.

“Like, oh my gawd!  Can you like, totally help me with these?” she said as she jumped down from the counter and fell to her knees, pusher hit breasts together and looking up at him.

“Yes, yes I think I can.” he replied as she giggled and jiggled some more.

Tom pulled out his hardening shaft and she wrapped her breasts around it.

He should have known Henry would never forget his birthday, even if he couldn’t be there in person, he always sent the best gifts.