Norma held the spade in her hand and pushed it in to the ground, turning the soil over and over again.  The mid day sun beat down, her skin glistened with sweet as she hummed a happy little song as she worked in the garden.

She pushed another plant in to the ground and tapped around it to make sure it stayed in place.  She stood up and placed her hands on her hips and stretched out, arching her back, pushing her large breasts far out in front of her, the small top struggling to keep them in.

She blinked a few times as something in the back of her mind tried to scratch its way to the forefront, something wasn’t quite right, something about gardening.

Did she like gardening?

She’d only recently start gardening, she clearly remembered having a gardener to just a few weeks ago.

Did she fire him?

He’d been young and strong.

She’d been sleeping with him, hadn’t she?

Her mind wandered back to a few weeks ago to the last time she remembered seeing him.  He’d been fucking behind the garden shed and it was amazing as always, her husband couldn’t compete with the young stud.  But she didn’t really expect him too, after all she’d married him for his money, she knew she was a trophy wife to him.

She didn’t do manual labour of any kind!

Norma felt the buzzing of the vibrator in her pussy start up and she turned to see her husband coming out from the house as her mind was overtaken by a wave of pleasure.  He’d been turning it on and off with the remote for the last several days and it always had the same effect.

Her body shivered in the hot sun as she felt him grab her ass and push her towards the tree, she reached out and grabbed it with both hands as he squeezed both of her ass cheeks with his hands.

“See honey, I told you we didn’t need a gardener.  Once you had a couple of sessions with your therapist everything worked out just find didn’t it?”

Norma could only moan as she felt her shorts being pulled down as the buzzing continued to drive every though out of her mind.

She felt his dick press against her sphincter and she gripped the tree even harder as her tight asshole strained to stretch wide enough to take him in to it.

As she felt him push all the way in, her mind cleared and the memory of her husband finding her behind the shed, the gardeners dick deep in her pussy came to the forefront.

He pulled back and the pleasure washed over her again, when he returned his dick deep in to her ass another memory became clear.  She’d told him he wasn’t man enough for her, she’d screamed out at him, “Fuck off asshole, your dick’s not big enough to satisfy me!”

He pulled and pushed, in and out as her mind came and went a new memory coming to her each time of some humiliating act she’d performed for him since then.

Just before she came, the last though that went through her mind was that she’d been right that his dick wasn’t big enough to satisfy her pussy, but that her tight ass was a far different story.