Sophia looked out over the beautiful mountain vista, her shoulder length brown hair flowing in the cool breeze of the warm summers day.  She smiled smoothed out her dress as she congratulated herself on finally making it.

She’d been chasing after Donald for months back home, flirting with him every chance she had and dropping not so obvious hints but he hadn’t taken the bait.  At least not until yesterday when he’d called her up at the last moment and ask if she wanted to spend the weekend with him out of the country.

She’d jumped at the chance and even though she hadn’t had time to tell anyone where she was going.  The chance to spend time with Donald was too juicy of an opportunity to pass up and she’d smiled and spent every single moment making sure he was as happy as she could make him.

She was confident she’d be able to get in to his bed tonight, after the party, then she’d have him for sure.  

Though the thought of sleeping with him didn’t appeal to her, she’d put up with it if it meant she’d finally bag herself a rich boyfriend.  She’d spent her entire life climbing the social ladder and Donald was the last rung she need to put her foot on.

She heard Donald walk on to the balcony, two flutes of champaign in his hand and a broad smile on his face.

“Sophia, I thought a toast might be in order to such a beautiful view and a woman.” he said as he extended one of the flutes to her.

She took it in her fingers, “Why Donald, how nice!  Yes a toast… to us.” she replied, a predatory grin on her face that he clearly mistook for sexual desire.

She tipped the flute to her lips and took a small sip, the champaign was delightful and so she took another sip.  No it was splendid!  The next sip was more of a gulp as the rest of the flute made it’s way between her lips.

When she felt the first effects of the pill she dropped the glass and stumbled backwards, landing on the bench seat just below the railing.  A confused looked crossed her face as she realized what was happening, “But…. why….” she managed to get out as the changes to her body started.

She felt her scalp tingle as her hair started to fall farther down her body, it’s shiny brown colour fading to a golden blonde.  Her breasts tingled as they grew, filling out the dress until they snapped the straps and broke free.

She moaned as the dress tightened around her ass as well and the tingling washed over her face as well.

“Why?  You really need to ask that Sophia?  You’ve been after my money for months, you weren’t fooling anyone I’m afraid.”

Another moan escaped her as Donald sat down beside her and pulled her in close to him, “And now I get to kill two birds with one stone.  I’ll be rid of your constant attention and I get to close a great business deal at the same time.”

Sophia felt the pill hit her mind and her eyes rolled back in her head as it invaded her.

Donald watched Sophia succumb to the pills, the change to her body was impressive, three pills had been the right number to put in the champaign after all.

He watched them hit her mind and he leaned in to make sure she heard what he said next.

“Pay attention FiFi, your my sexy french maid.  I bought you at a little auction in France and now that I’ve trained you to be the perfect, obedient, servant who takes care of my every want and desire, it’s time I replace you with something new.  That’s why we’re hear at the action, I’m selling you to replace you with someone new.”

FiFi stood up on the stage, her black maids outfit hugging her every curve, the sound of her stilettos echoing of the walls.  The announcer walked over to her and she pirouetted for him, holding her dress out from her body.

“And ladies and gentlemen, this is FiFi, number 36 in your programs.  Do you have anything you wish to say FiFi?” he asked as he held the microphone up in front of her.

“Oui, monsieur.  FiFi very happy to serve her new owner!”