Part 1
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Karen sat in the chair, her thin, nearly transparent, lingerie coming to an end well have her stockings.  She gazed at James, he own the house, the chair, the light and he owned her as well.

Outwardly a smile parted her lips, but inside her mind was still a mess.

`How did this happen?` she thought to herself, but it was a rhetorical question really, she knew exactly how it had happened.

After she’d recovered from that first day in the research library she’d gone home and taken a long cold shower, trying to cleanse the memory of the pure bliss from her mind.  It hadn’t worked and when she’d called in sick the next day, she’d made sure to get James’ voice mail, she didn’t trust herself to even confront him on the phone.

By the afternoon, the shakes were getting out of hand.  She was sweating and cold at the same time.  Her pussy was on fire and no matter how many times she masturbated, she never came.

By dinner time she was a mess, she was desperate and she did the only thing she could think of, she went in to work.

James was still there, working late at his desk and as soon as she walked in to his office she felt a wave of calmness wash over her.  She closed the door behind her, walked around to stand beside him and then dropped to her knees.

She looked up, her eyes pleading and she realized she must surely look a mess.  She hadn’t made herself presentable to him, but the smile on his face as he took her cheek in his hand send a small orgasm over her and suddenly that didn’t matter.

He’d pulled her to her feet, bent her over his desk and fucked her than she imaged was possible.  When she felt his hot cum in her pussy, her own orgasms rocked the very foundations of what she believed was possible.

In the weeks that followed, she spent more and more time at his side, in his office, running errands, sucking every last drop of cum she could from him, until he’d set the resignation letter in front of her.

That had caused her to pause, how would she live if she didn’t have a job?

But she should have known better than to doubt him, he told her she’d be moving in to his house and the orgasm almost buckled her knees.  She signed as soon as she regained her balance.

When they left the office that night, they went to her apartment and he inspected all of her belongings, instructing her on what she was to keep and what she would get rid of.  By the time of her last day at work, her apartment was completely empty except a few suitcases that he’d let her keep.

He’d bought her a new wardrobe, had arranged a standing appointment at the salon and instructed her on the look he wanted and even had her switch to contact lenses.

So here she was, watching James enter the room after returning home from work.  His sent finally reached her and her nipples hardened as she took in a small gasp of air.

Her mind cleared, like it had each day when he arrived home and the messy thoughts that had been there simply disappeared.  Each day they seemed to last less and less.

She stood up, turned around, placed her hands on the seat of the chair and pushed her ass up and out.  She felt his hand grab it and she moaned, he gave it a slap and she through her hair back as she sucked in air while a small “Yes!” escaped from her.

She felt him enter her pussy and she pushed back up against him, use the chair to both steady herself and provide something to push back against.  She rocked back and forth, slamming in to his abdomen as he drove deeply in to her.

She felt him pull out just as he was about to cum and grab her hair, twisting her around and pushing her down on to her knees.  She grabbed him in both hands and worked them up and down his shaft until his cum streamed across her face, her tongue flailing about trying to catch the droplets as they fell from his tip.

James looked down at Karen, her body still shaking from the orgasms as each new spurt spread across her face and was quite happy with how she had come along.

Some took to the powder better than others and Karen had taken to it like a fish to water.

Oh sure, he could still see the resistance and confusion in her eyes on the video cameras when he wasn’t there.  She was still in there, trying to figure out what was going on, but it took longer and longer for those episodes to emerge once he had left.  He’d checked the video feeds before he’d left from work just 45 minutes ago and even then she was still in a blissful haze of pleasure.  So she’d only been ‘with’ it for at most 30 minutes this time.

By this time next week, there wouldn’t be anything left but the pleasure.