Carol didn’t quite understand the new dress code at work, why should the women have to wear a tie?

In this day and age the men didn’t wear a tie, why should the women?

Well, they’d said it was some kind of new HR program but that didn’t really clear it up really.

She pushed her glasses up her nose as the message on the computer popped up again, “Exercise time!”

She sighed and loosened the tie as she walked over to the wall, pressed her hands against it and lowered her head for a moment.

Then she raised her head, turned around and swayed her hips, placing one arm on her hip and the other steadied her tie.

She looked out over the cubical farm and the cool air from the air duct above her hardened her bare nipples.  The echo of her heals reverberated throughout the office and they eyes of her male colleagues fixed on her as she exercised as the music played.

It was another new HR policy she didn’t quite understand, but by the time the third song was over, she had slide down the wall as the powerful orgasm had rocked her.

Composing herself she walked back to her cubical and once more tightened her tie, a small buzz ran through her as it cinched around her neck and she hardly noticed her best friend Becky walk up to the wall and start her exercise routine.