Deborah sat in front of the piano, her hands pinning her long hair up, her large fake tits sticking out from her chest and the lacy black material of her “dress” cascading over the bench.

It had been so long since she’d played and as her hands came down to hover over the keys, she hesitated to let her fingers touch them.

“Ah, at the piano again are we Debbie?” his voice echoed through the room.

Deborah looked up at him and tried to frown, but instead a vapid smile crossed her face, “Like, oh yea, totally Davey!”

Her lips formed the words, but she hadn’t said them.  No, David had done something to her and she had yet to figure out what or how.

Six months ago he’d shown up on her door step, selling some kind of self help product, but she didn’t need it.  She was the CEO of a tech company, owned this beautiful house on the beach and was about to close one of the biggest deals in the tech world.

But for some reason she’d invited him in and then to stay for dinner.  She’d given him her cell number, e-mail address, social accounts and everything else he’d asked for and agreed to a date the next night.

He’d been very interested in her business, right up until she’d told him about her passion for the piano.  She’d been studying since she was a child and was considered by most to be nearly a prodigy, but her time was dedicated to her company and so she kept it as a hobby.

After their dinner date, she’d taken him back to her house and played for him.  He was very impressed and before she knew it they were in her bedroom, making passionate love.

That’s when things had really started to go downhill.  After that she never played the piano again and somehow she lost control of herself.  He’d simply stayed in her house after that and started to make changes that her body never said no to.

The first thing he changed was the deal she was about to close, he told her to cancel it and she went in the next day and did exactly that.  Or at least her body did as her mind was screaming at everyone to help her.

Then he had her resign as CEO and retire.  Soon her days were spent in either the gym, the salon or the mall getting ready for the nights she spent in bed with him.

After a few months, he’d told her to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon and soon afterwards she’d received the implants that now stuck out towards the piano.

“Well, go ahead Debbie, what are you waiting for?” he said.

Deborah looked at him, then at the piano, her fingers shaking and then they moved up and cupped her tits.  She squeezed them and pinched the nipples before turning to the side and laying back on to the piano bench.  She spread her legs and one of her hands slithered down her body to find her waiting pussy.

Soft moans escaped her lips but Deborah fought it as hard as she could, “Ohhhh…. Debbie loves to play!”

Then she felt a hand press on to her thigh and she saw him standing above her.  He dropped his pants and pressed his hardening shaft up to her exposed pussy lips.  Her hand wrapped around it and pulled him in to herself.

“Mmmm… Yes Davey, play with Debbie!”

David obliged what her body was asking for and pushed deep in to her, Deborah tried to block out the pleasure but she knew what was coming and soon her mind was awash in the bliss that her body was feeling.

She felt him pull out and a sudden emptiness came over her, but it didn’t last long as she saw him step forward and straddle her body, sliding his hard shaft between her firm tits.  She grabbed each side of them and pushed them together so that the encircled his entire cock as he slide back and forth.

“Owwww… Davey… yes!  Fuck my big fake titties!”  the pleasure was intense and she cooed and moaned as she felt the first bit of pre-cum splash on to her chest.

It was followed by stream of thick white cum spraying across her face and her body orgasmed with each new line that appeared.

She laid there, giggling softly as David slapped his cock against each of her tits, getting the last drops of cum out of it before he stepped back and put his pants back on.

“Good to see you still have a passion for playing Debbie.” he said as he turned and walked away.