Mona walked away from her friends under the umbrella towards the pool, the small bridge joining this side to the other where the bar was.  Just as she stepped up on to the bridge she looked up and saw him starting across from the other side.

“Hi… ah, I don’t think I caught your name before?” he said and smiled.

“No, you didn’t.” she replied and frowned, she blown him off a while ago when he’d approached her group, he wasn’t her type and certainly she wasn’t looking for anything on her vacation.

This vacation was a present to herself for finally presenting her thesis and defending it, quite successfully if she did say so herself.  When she headed back home, she was sure the university would be offering her a position and then it would be just a couple of years before she had tenure.

She took a step forward, intending to pass by him but a sudden wave of dizziness came over her and she grabbed the hand rail instead.

“Hey, you ok?” he asked and grabbed her other free hand, a sudden jolt of electricity ran up her arm and her legs almost came out from under her.

“I… I…” she started to respond, but he squeezed her hand and another jolt took her by surprise and scrambled her train of thought.

Before she realized it, he’d helped her steady herself on her feet and taken her other hand, she gasped as the jolts merged as they flowed up her neck and burst in to sparkles in her head.

“Wha… what are… you doing?” she managed to get out, realizing there was something happening and he must be the cause of it.

“Doing?  Can’t you feel it?”

“Feel… it?” she responded, still unsure what was happening but could tell something was.

“Yes, feel me seeping in to your mind, my tendrils wrapping around your brain, slithering deep in to your every thought and memory.  I mean, I couldn’t do it before with so many of your friends around, but we have a minute or two on this bridge and that’s all I need.”

She parted her lips to say something, but instead let them hang open as she tried to understand what he had said.

She focused inward to stop whatever was happening, focused on trying to stop it.  Then, suddenly, she could feel it, whatever it was, forcing it’s way in to her mind.  Almost list slimy tentacles, but cold and black, working their way in to every crevice of her mind.

She realized what was happening, where they were going, to her memories, her past, he was trying to take them from her.  She focused on her schooling, her doctorate as fresh in her mind and she remembered all the time and effort she’d worked to achieve it.  

It had all started in high school, she’d graduated with honours a year early and been accepted at university.  She’d worked hard, taking extra classes and spending all her time studying.

Of course, it hadn’t been enough, she’d failed all those extra classes and after the second year the university had kicked her out for not maintaining a high enough GPA.

She’d been so disappointed and after the last of her savings had run out she’d had to go back to work at the local fast foot joint, where she’d worked after class in high school.

The place had been a real savior when she’d dropped out of high school at 18.  I mean, it’s not like she was smart enough to graduate anyway, no she’d failed just about every class she had taken in high school and the teachers only let her go on to the next year because they felt sorry for her.

They all new she’d never graduate and so when she dropped out she just started working at the fast food place full time.  Which was for the best really, it didn’t take any brain power and she didn’t have any to spare.

Of course, the work was boring and that led to a real problem.  She’d always been a little “hyper-active” when it came to sex and she was never more so than when she was bored.  She’d found a supply closest at the restaurant that she’d sneak away too once or twice a shift and masturbate to satisfy herself for a while.

That had worked pretty well for a while, until Jimmy, one of the assistant managers had walked in on her.  Her pants and been down around her ankles and her fingers buried in her pussy, but instead of covering up, she’d spread her legs to make sure he got a good view.  It had excited her far more than she had ever been before and he closed the door behind him as he stepped in to the closet.

Jimmy had dropped his own pants and taken his hard dick and shoved it in to her mouth, taking hold of her head with both hands and push himself deep in to her throat.  The excitement from being caught was nothing in comparison to Jimmy using her mouth without even asking.

When she felt his cum hit the back of her throat an orgasm like none she had felt before rocked her and she sucked every last drop she could from his deflating cock.

She’d expected to get fired, but instead Jimmy had given her a raise and his cock every day since.  Something about how Jimmy used her *and* paid her to be used made her orgasms far better than those she managed to squeeze out with her own fingers.

Of course it didn’t last for long, the manager eventually asked why Jimmy had given her a raise and then they both had been fired.

But it didn’t matter, she’d found her true calling and headed to the local strip club to start dancing.  She’d found it easy work too, most of the guys were nice enough and all she had to do was let them touch her breasts, ass and pussy while she got undressed.  She’d grind up against them, let them guide her body and she’d soak it all it.  When she came, and she came often, she giggle and thanked them for such a good time.

She’d gained a regular enough following, a few of which had worked out that if they wanted a really good time, all they had to do was take charge and use her however the wanted to.

That had all changed though, just a few months ago.  She was working her regular shift, when a new customer came in to the club.  She hadn’t though anything of it at the time, but a few hours later he’d taken a few dancers to the VIP and he was the talk to the change room.

She was just about done for the night, but decided to see what all the fuss was about and approached him.  He’d smiled and when their hands had touched, she’d felt a shiver of pleasure rush through her body.

A little bit of small talk and soon enough they were in the VIP, her ass grinding his crotch, his hands on her hips, shivers of pleasure invading every part of her body.

It wasn’t long before she had desperately dug his dick from from it’s confines and wrapped her lips around it.  He’d grabbed her hair and pushed her down and pulled her up.  Up and down.  Up and down.  Each stroke sent another tidal wave of pleasure through her until the first of her orgasms crested.

Before she knew what was happening, he’d pulled her up on to his lap and impaled her on to his dick and she moan, loudly.

He grabbed the back of her head once more and pulled her down to his lips as she rocked back and fourth on his lap, his dick sliding in and out of her pussy as she did.

His tongue push in to her mouth and she returned the gesture as his free hand reached down and slapped her ass.  It was all too much and she came again.

He pulled her head back, forcing her chest out and he took a an erect nipple between his teeth.  He held her back and pulled on it, distending it from her.

She didn’t recognize the sounds that came from her mouth, they were whimpers, moans and guttural sounds of an animal being fucked and the orgasms that followed did nothing to dissuade that.

Orgasm after orgasm took her, she didn’t know how long she rode him, she didn’t care.  She only cared when it stopped, her eyes snapped open just as he grabbed her hips and pushed her up and off of him, back on to the floor.  Before she could do anything, he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back once more, slapping his hard dick across her face several times before aiming it at her chest.

The white streams of cum hit her tits and he managed to flick one up across her face as well before he was done, each one sending another orgasm through her.

When he released her head, she dove back on to his cock and sucked every last drop from him before leaning back and scooping his cooling seed from her face and body and licking her fingers clean.

Mona had known at that exact moment she had found her owner.  She hadn’t know she was looking for one before that, but the pleasure reverberating throughout her body, what little was left of her mind and everything about him told her it was true.

She’d told him that right then and there, kneeling on the strip club floor, little bits of his cum starting to dry on her.  She’d begged him to take her, to use her however he wanted, to take ownership of her mind and body.

He’d agreed and another orgasm washed over her as she realized she belong to him now.  Her body was his to do with as he pleased, her mind his to remake in any way he saw fit.

The old her would have been surprised at how little actually changed, but the new her was never surprised at the things her owner did or told her, she simply accepted them and thanked him for them.

She was still working at the strip club, though obviously it wasn’t nearly as much fun as it had been.  Her regulars still used her and she still came, but it was different now that she had found him.  She still had her own apartment, she was hoping one day to move in with him so she could be at his beck and call all the time, but he dropped by and used her often enough.

When he had told her he was taking her on vacation with him.  He’d said it in the same way he would have said he was taking a Hawaiian shirt, or a pair of shorts, she was just something he was taking along so he could use it.  Her pussy had buzzed with pleasure for hours afterwards.

Mona finally got her balance back and let go of his hands as he took a step back.  She blinked once or twice and then stood up straight, placed her hands on her hips and smiled.

He smiled back, turned and extended his arm.  She stepped in to him and his hand snaked down to her ass and squeezed it as they walked back towards his room.

Maybe it was time for him to finally use her on this trip, her whole body tingled at the thought and she let out a small giggle and pushed in tightly to his body as they walked.