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Candice felt the warmth come from the lamp once more the flash of light filled the room again.

“Hello Mistress, how may I serve you?” the genie said as he appeared.

“What the fuck!  I’m a porn star!”

“Yes, but do you have any money problems?” the genie asked.

“No!  Of course not that bastard David takes every cent I earn!”

“Then I have granted you your wish.”

“That’s not what I wanted though!”

“Then make another wish and I shall grant it.”

She glared at him, but saw no flaw in the genie’s logic.

“Fine, I wish I had inherited my wealth instead of being a porn star.”

“As you wish Mistress.” the genie intoned, then another flash of light filled the room and reality warped around them.

Candice stared in her makeup mirror and couldn’t believe the sight before her.  The wide eyes, the long red nails, puffy lips, the vacant look all screamed bimbo.

She watched the genie fade from sight once more.

Her hand reached down and picked up a lipstick and started to apply the bright red gloss and she realized she was once more a passenger.

“Baby, are you just about ready?” she heard David call out and she winced internally.

Her body, on the other hand replied in a happy singsong, “Uhm, like just about honeybun!”

She let her body continue to work on her makeup and she probed her memories, she’d been born in a rich family and grown up a princess, sheltered from the realities of the world.

It had all come crashing down when her parents had been killed in a car accident and her “uncle” David had become her legal guardian.  He wasn’t really her uncle, just an old family friend, but her parents had given him conservatorship over their estate until she turned 24.

He’d moved into the family home and quickly become a dominating force in her life, making all the decisions for her.  He pulled her out of school and home schooled her instead.  He cut off access to all her friends and started picking out what she was to wear.

It didn’t take long for him to warp her naive mind in to a pretzel and then she believed anything he told her.

He’d told her she wasn’t very smart and had the test scores to back it up so when he said she should stop trying to think so much, she did.

He’d told her she need to focus on her looks so that men would be attracted to her, so she spent all her days reading fashion magazines and watching Youtube videos on makeup.

When he’d told her that even after all the work she’d put in on her appearance that she still wasn’t pretty enough to get a man interested in her, she’d begged him to help her, and he did.  He’d setup the doctor’s appointment and told her exactly what to ask for, he’d even paid for it as a 21st birthday present.

Once she’d recovered she’d asked him if she was pretty enough yet and he’d told her she might be pretty enough to get someone older interested in her, someone who was looking for a trophy wife, but she’d need to learn how to attract such a man.

She’d been so happy that David had thought she might make a good trophy wife, she begged him to teach her what he thought she needed to know.

He’d taught her how to flirt, how to move her body in just the right way to show off her upgrades, how to giggle at anything her man said that she didn’t understand.

Then he’d taken her in to his bedroom and started to teach her all about how to pleasure a man.  How best to use her enhanced lips to suck a cock, how to take a dick between her big round tits and work it.  How to make her man feel good by telling him how big and strong, how she needed him to use her.

Even her addled mind could figure out that what was important was his pleasure and not her own and once she’d realized that, she’d improved in leaps and bounds.

The first time he’d taken her out to a party and introduced her as “his girlfriend” she’d almost orgasmed right there standing beside him.  She’d had to clutch his arm even tight to keep herself upright and had only just managed to get a giggle out as the man he talking to had asked how she was.

Candice came out of the memory and found herself standing in front of a full length mirror, her hair and makeup perfect and she’d put on a dress.  It seemed a little strange though, it was pure white and only just covered her nipples and pussy.

Then she turned and walked out of her room and downstairs where David was waiting.  He was dressed in a black suit and smiling up at her.

“How’s my bride to be?”

“*giggle* Like, it’s the happiest day of my life!”

She trotted over to him on her heels and let him wrap his arm around her waist and pull her in close.  She felt her body react as a wave of pleasure washed over her.

He guided her in to the study where three men were waiting, she didn’t recognize any of them so she just smiled and giggled at them.

“Your Honour, if your ready?” David said looking at the man in the center of the three.

“Of course, I have the marriage license right here, if the two of you would come over and sign it?”

David guided her over to the desk and signed it, then passed her the pen and she did the same, pressing her legs together trying not to let the moisture from her pussy escape and run down her leg.

The two other men came over and signed the paper as well and then left.

“Very well, then we may continue.”  The judge said.

“As a duly appointed representative of the state, I am authorized to marry David and Candy.

David, do you take Candy to be yours.  To hold her and show her how to be the best wife she can be?”

“I do.” David responded.

“And Candy, do you give yourself to David.  To honour and obey his in all things?”

“I, like, totally do!” she replied.

“Then I now pronounce you man and wife.”

David pulled her in tightly and kissed her, his tongue probing her mouth and her’s his.  She didn’t even notice the Judge leaving the room, but when he finally broke the kiss she dropped to her knees and found his hard cock waiting for her puffy lips and she didn’t disappoint him.

Soon he grabbed her hair and pulled her off of him, bringing her to her feet again and taking her up stairs to his bedroom.

He pushed her down on to the bed and unzipped the back of her dress and pulled it off of her, her naked body exposed and squeezed her ass and she wiggled and giggled in delight.

He grabbed hold of her ankles and pulled her back until her pussy was just at the edge of the bed and then let her feet drop to the floor, kicking them out and spreading them apart once the loud clack of her heels subsided as they hit the floor.

He pressed his ridged shack up to her pussy and entered her, working her dripping wet snatch for several minutes before pulling out.

“Time to earn your title my eager little trophy wife.”

She held back the orgasm as she heard the words, he’d been telling her for years about this moment.  The first time her new husband would make her his trophy wife, how it would be her greatest honour, how her whole life had been leading up to this moment.

She felt his head push up against her sphincter, “Please baby, please make me your trophy wife and use my ass forever!” she said.

He obliged her and pushed in, “Yes! Yes! Yes!  I’m all yours!” she cried out as the orgasm washed over her.

It was only the first of many as he pump her ass hard and fast.

Candice was awash in mixed emotions, the vile act repulsed her, but the pleasure coming from her body was overwhelming.  By the time David finished, she was exhausted and passed out on the bed, his cum dripping out of her ass.

Just before she lost consciousness, she heard David’s voice, “Happy Twenty-Fourth birthday Candy.”