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Candice sat in front of the make up mirror and touched up her lip gloss just as she felt her body return to her control once more.

The last two days had been hell as David had fucked her several more times between having her sign document after document, giving him complete control of everything.  The worst part was that could feel how happy “Candy” was about it as she signed her name to each one.

She picked up the lamp and rushed in to the bathroom and grabbed a towel, rubbing the lamp furiously until she felt the warmth once more.

“Hello Mistress, how may I serve you?” the genie said as he appeared for what she knew would be the final time.

“Fuck you, you bastard!” she screamed.

“Mistress, what is wrong?  Have I not fulfilled your wish?”

“You know what’s wrong, this is not what I meant at all.”

“Isn’t it?  Did you not inherit your wealth?  Are you a porn star?”

“Well, yes I inherited it, but that asshole David is here again and he’s got it all now!  And yes, I’m not a porn star any more but he’s using me like one!”

“I am sorry to hear you are not happy with your wish, I can grant you one more if you simply say the words.”

Candice frowned and didn’t say anything for a moment.

“You’re going to get it right this time though, right?”

“I will grant the wish you ask for, that is all I can do.”

“Fine, I wish I was never married to David, I don’t want to be married to anyone!”

“As you wish Mistress.” the genie intoned, then another flash of light filled the room and reality warped around them.

Candice tried to make out her surroundings but something was covering her face, it had small holes in it and she could almost see out of it but all she could make out was piles of clutter, that’s when she noticed her legs extending out from the chair, clad in black latex.

She searched her “memories” and looked back at her life.  She wasn’t married, that was good, but there was something else.

She searched back farther and remembered her parents car crash, a kind uncle had taken her in and raised her.  He’d given her everything she asked for, spoiling her rotten.  She’d taken advantage of him on any whim and she looked down on him as being weak and useless.

The only thing she’d give him was his love of antiques.  They’d spend many weekends rummaging through dusty old shops together, buying whatever caught her eye.

It was on one of these trips that she’d meet David as she rummaged around his shop.  There was something different about David, something she’d never seen in a man before, a strength and force of will that drew her to him.  He’d given her a simple gold band, he’d said it was magic and that she should put it on.

She humored him and flirted with him, but he would have none of it, instead he’d simply told her he was taking her on a date and she’d nodded her head for some reason.

When he’d picked her up, she still couldn’t believe she was going out with him.  She was rich, young and beautiful.  He was older, average and nearly broke.

But something just wouldn’t let her say no to him and one date lead to another, which lead to another, which lead to her being bent over his couch, his cock buried deep in her pussy.

His assertiveness didn’t wane, if anything he became bolder and bolder and soon she had moved out of her luxurious home and in to the apartment he kept above the store.

But it was strange, she couldn’t ever remember him calling her his girlfriend, or any term of endearment.  Instead he spoke to her like he was giving her commands.  It had been a bit unsettling at first, but soon it felt normal and she just went along with it.

The first time he’d brought some latex in to the bedroom she had been a little weary, but he command she put it on and she obeyed.

A few months passed and David bought more and more latex for her, eventually she was covered from head to toe.  She’d wear it each night, covering herself in it, loosing herself to the anonymity of it as David commanded her.

Each time she put the latex, each time she followed his commands, she felt herself letting go just a bit more and it made her happier and happier.

A little less than a year after she had moved in she was always covered in latex.  Day, night, it didn’t make any difference.  The only time she took it off was to clean up.

David would give her commands for the day and she would follow them.  Clean the apartment, do the laundry, masturbate in front of the camera, she followed each one.  When he was finished in the shop, he would return to the apartment and give her a new set of commands; make dinner, clean the dishes, suck his cock, power down for the night.

The last one had taken her by surprise the first time he’d given it.  It felt so right that she’d almost orgasmed before she’d fallen asleep a moment later.

It was shortly after that that she remembered him calling her ‘bot’ for the first time.

“Bot get me a drink.”

“Bot bend over and grab your ankles.”

“Bot give me a blowjob.”

That was also the first time she could remember her now customary response, “As you command Sir.”

At some point, he’d taken her down to the basement and shown her the chair, the one that she now sat in, “This is your charging station, you will come here whenever you need to recharge and stay until I call for you.”

At first, he’d leave her there for only a few hours and she’d feel refreshed whenever she returned.

But slowly he’d leaver her there for longer and longer, until she spent most nights there after he’d used her, recharging.

All through this time Candice could feel her mind becoming less and less emotional, more and more logical.  Now, when she looked at the person she was, she didn’t see a person at all.

Candice rummaged through her “current” mind and found little more than an automaton left, this Candice was waiting for her owner to issue his next command and there was no other thought in her mind.

Candice heard a door open and David walked in to view, another man following along behind him.

“As I said, here it is.” he said, waving his hand in her direction.

“And she’d fully programmed?” the second man asked.

“Oh yes, she took to it quite well really, hardly fought it at all.”

“And the control?”

David held up his hand and stroked a small gold band around his finger.

“She probably hasn’t even thought about the one she’s wearing since she first put it on.  A simple master/slave ring enchantment, could have been cast by any third rate wizard.”

“But effective.  Here.” the man said, holding out a small embroidered felt sack which looked expensive.

David took it and opened it, smiling at the contents, “A pleasure doing business with you.” he said, extending his hand and shaking with the other man.  Then he worked the ring from his finger and handed it too him.

The other man slipped it on and suddenly a wave of pleasure washed over her body, her head turned to the new man in the room and an orgasm washed over her.

“Bot stand up.” the man said and her body stood up.

“Follow me.” he said as he walked to the door and her heels clicked on the cement floor as she kept pace.

Candice felt her “owner” slide his cock in and out of her pussy as what little was left of her new personality worked her hips in time with him, following his orders.

He’d taken her out to a waiting limo and driven off in to the night, several hours later they had pulled up to a country estate and he’d taken her inside.

For the first few hours, he’d commanded her around the house.  Go here, do that, but then he’d taken her into the bedroom and commanded her on to the bed where he’d dropped his pants and pushed in to her pussy.

The next few hours had been command after command; Bot push your ass up, Bot get down on all fours, Bot suck my cock, Bot push your tits together.

She had obeyed them all until he’d tired and rolled off of her.  After he’d caught his breath, he’d taken her down to the basement and shown her her new recharging chair.

It was similar to her previous one, but in the center of the seat there was a dildo mounted.

“Bot plug in your charing adapter.” he’d commanded and she’d lowered herself on to the dildo and leaned back in the the chair.

It turned out she was mistaken though, it wasn’t a dildo, it was a vibrator and it came to life as he thew the switch on the arm of the chair.

“Bot each time you recharge turn on your charing adapter.”

The command penetrated the pleasure and she heard her voice respond, “As you command Sir.”

Candice sat in the chair as the vibrator brought her to yet another orgasm as she felt herself regain control of her body.

She tried to stand up but the unfamiliar heels and disorienting mask caused her to fall back and slide back on to the vibrator just as the genie appeared before her.

“Wha…” she managed to get out as the vibrator sent her closer to the edge once more.

“Mistress, I have granted you all three of your wishes, my debt is paid.”

“Nnnnn… no…” she tried to get out as the pleasure increased even more.

“Are not all your financial problems solved?” she had to admit that she no longer had money problems, but that wasn’t the point.

“Did you not inherit your wealth?” she tried to think between the waves of pleasure, this version of herself was rich, she still had all of even if she no longer thought about it.

“You are not a porn star and you are not married to David or anyone else?” she grudgingly nodded in response.

“Then I have granted you your wishes and take my leave.  I have kept the original ‘you’ aware of the results to ensure that ‘you’ received your wishes, now that we are done, I will let you fully integrate in to your new life.”

“NOOOOOOO!” she screamed as another orgasm hit her and the genie faded, this time taking the lamp with him.

As the orgasm receded she felt the darkness encroach on her, her thoughts fading in to the blackness as she became Bot.

David watched the lamp materialize in the display case and smiled, it was perhaps the best purchase he’d ever made for the shop, even if it had nearly bankrupted him.  But each time it returned he knew he’d made the right decision and his coffers would soon enough be full, just one or two more customers would need to “purchase” it from him for him to be in the black.

He walked over to the front door and turned the sign around to “Closed” before shutting the lights off and heading back up to his apartment.  He was going to miss having Bot around, but he was sure someone new would be in before long and he always looked forward to how his genie would twist their wishes to his benefit.