Quick summary of the below post: Hey look, a new menu item called “Stats”, go check it out.

The longer version:

So many people on Tumblr use a “Best of Tumblr” generator, however for captions (in which I reblog someone else’s post), that doesn’t work very well as it counts all activity including all of the likes and reblogs from the original users post.

So for a post like this one, the best of tool reports 1,700+ notes on it, instead of a lower number which would only include people who had liked/reblogged my captioned post.

Hence I’ve never bothered running the tool on my blog, however I have been interested to know which of my posts get the most notes that directly relate to me.

The easiest way to do that would of course for Tumblr to give you API access to you activity feed, but Tumblr’s API is a real mess so you can’t get access to your feed.

So I’ve come up with an alternate solution, that while works, is an ugly hack so I won’t really go in to it all that much.  Suffice it to say that it generates yearly “Top 100″ lists based upon likes/rebloggs from my Tumblr only.

I’ve created a top level menu items “Stats” that will take you to a page that includes links to stats by year, as well as a page for an all time stats.

Some of the results I found surprising, but others were always going to be in the lists. Enjoy!