“Please…” Stacey pleaded, her head cocked slightly to the side, the feather duster in her hands.

“Please… let me dust some more…” she begged, clutching the duster to her rubber clad body.

A month ago, my wife had been the queen bitch around the house.  Demanding I clean up after myself, make dinner for her, do the laundry and any number of other “chores” she could dream up for me.

It was my fault really, I’d let it get to that point little by little and never really stood up to her.  We’d been married for twenty years and while I settled in to a nice stable job, she’d started to ascend the corporate ladder that had consumed more and more of her time.

I’d become pretty much resigned to the idea that our marriage was over in all but name, but then my best friend John, came to the rescue.  We’d been tight in high school and college but after that we’d drifted apart a bit.  Oh we kept in touch and met up for drinks once in a while, but while I’d “grown up”, he was still the same guy I knew in college.

It turned out that was truer than I’d know.  In college he’d been a low level drug dealer, you know some weed and other soft stuff and he’d kept that up after college as well.

Last month we’d gotten together and I’d been moaning about Stacey when he’d pulled out a small baggie with a single pink pill in it.

I’d of course heard about the pill, but I never expected to actually see one.  I took the baggie in my fingers and turned the pill over a few times, there was no markings on it, but no one would doubt what it was.

“Take it, you need it and I’ve got a supplier now.”

“I don’t know, I mean, what would it do?”

“Well the effects are different for each person, but Stacey is already a good looking woman so it should ‘enhance’ her natural traits and probably drop a few years off of her.  Of course you’ll get to ‘guide’ the mental changes.”

“Guide them?”

“Yes.  Once the effects reach her mind it will open her up to any ‘suggestions’ you’d like to make for a few seconds.”

The temptation was too great and I put the pill in my pocket.  I don’t think I was very good company after that as John bid his adieu shortly afterwards and I had to admit I was a little preoccupied thinking about the possibilities.

Getting her to take it was easy enough, after all I was making dinner every night and so I mixed it in with her water and soon enough I could see the effects starting.

Her short hair grew out and lightened, her skin tightened and the wrinkles disappeared from around her eyes.  Then her lips and breasts bulged out and her eyes grew wide as the pill reached brain.

I’d walked over and pulled out the small slip of paper when the changes had started.  Now I read from it.

“You are my personal maid.  You get off on cleaning, cooking and doing the chores.  You are my obedient servant and get off on following my every order.  The only thing that turns you on more is having my cock between your tits or lips, or in your pussy or ass.  You’ll do anything to get my cum on or in you.”

Just as I finished speaking I watched her eyes roll back in her head and her whole body shake as an orgasm rocked her.

Since then the house had never been cleaner, dinner was ready each night when I got home and Stacey’s ass had been filled with my cum more times than I could count.

Of course on the weekend, like today, it was fun to kick back and watch her clean the house.  Then tell her to stop.  The conflict always show through in her face, the need to clean competing with the need to obey.

I watched her fidget as she fiddled with the duster in her hands as she became more and more turned on.  Then she took one hand off of the duster and let it slide under her dress, finding her bare pussy.  The other hand let the duster slide across the top of her breasts.  She let out a moan as she rubbed her pussy with her fingers and pushed the duster down between her breasts.

She let the duster go, sticking up from between her breasts then took the end of it between her lips and started to suck.  Her free hand reached around and started to play with her asshole.

She stood there, the duster handle between her lips as she pushed it up and down between her breasts and both hands finding her remaining holes to fill.

I opened my housecoat and Stacey’s eyes locked on to my hardening shaft, “Get over here.” I said and she flounced over, barely getter her fingers out of her holes before settling down on my lap.

I took the duster from between her breasts and gave her face a little tap on each cheek with it.  I felt her whole body spasm as each one landed but knew she hadn’t cum, she had specific instructions on that.

“Pussy.” I said and she quickly moved her pussy over my cock and slide down on it.  I continued to tap her face with the duster as her body slammed against my cock.

My balls exploded in to her and then her orgasm followed as she cried out in pleasure.

Sometimes I missed the old Tracey, but then the new Tracey would drain my balls and the feeling would pass quickly enough.