Linda pressed her fingers in to her lips and another moan escaped her, she’d been laying there for almost an hour, waiting.

He was late and it was driving her insane, her need burned hotly as her fingers refused to to leave her mouth and instead found her pussy.

Her mind drifted as the pleasure from her lips kept her on edge, six months ago she’d joined the law firm as an associate and assigned to Erik as her superior.  She’d instantly found a dislike for him, he wasn’t all that much older than her but cast an air of contempt for everyone beneath him that rubbed her the wrong way.

He was a demanding boss and after the first month she’d almost quit, but she was determined to make partner no matter what, even if she had to put up with the off hand sexual innuendos he kept making.

By the second month she had so much work to do she hardly went home and as a result she started to make mistakes due to lack of sleep.  That’s when his assistant had suggested a little something.  It was a small, plain white pill, but the assistant said it would do the trick and she had a few extras Linda could have.

Desperate for some relief she accepted the small bag of pills and took one.  Almost instantly she felt rejuvenated and burned through the rest of the days work in no time.  She even managed to get home in reasonable time and get a good six hours or rest.

Though her dreams were a little odd, at least the ones she remembered.  They seemed more sexual than normal, but that might have just been the fact she hadn’t had sex since before she started at the firm.  She asked Kimberly, Erik’s assistant about the dreams but she brushed them off and said not to worry, she had them too and they were an added perk if anything.

Linda found it hard to argue with the results and for the next week she took one pill each day and soon found the dreams were in deed a perk as they grew more and more pleasing.

After the first week of taking the pills, she ran out and went back to Kimberly, but found the assistant had no more extras, instead she’d have to see Erik about getting some more.

Linda couldn’t believe Erik was Kimberly supplier and vowed not to talk to him about it.  She had caught up with her work, she was confident she could handle it now.

The work wasn’t the issue though, after the first day without the pill Linda found herself shaking and unable to sleep.  She recognized the signs of withdrawal but figured she could ride it out over the weekend.  

That had been a mistake, when she arrived at the office Monday she was a mess and looked like she’d been living on the street for months.  She arrived before anyone else and went straight to Erik’s office, expecting to have to wait until he arrived.  To her surprise he was waiting for her behind his desk.

“Hello Linda, do you need something?” he asked with a smirk.

“I… I… yes… please…”

“Come over here and tell me what you want.” he said, motioning her over to the side of his desk.

She walked over and as she got closer realized he was naked from the waist down.  She stopped in her tracks and stared.

“What’s the matter Linda?”


He held up a small bag of pills and waved it back and forth before tossing it on the carpet between his feet.

She immediately dropped to her knees and crawled over to the bag, taking in a hand.  Before she could stand up Erik grabbed the tangled mess of her hair and pulled her face up to his crotch.  Before she knew it her lips were wrapped around his shaft and he pushed her all the way down.

She hardly noticed, her focus on the small packet tightly gripped in her hand.  Her mind only wandered for a moment as she felt his cum hit the back of her throat and one of her dreams from the previous week popped in to her head.

It was so much like this that she tried to remember what was different.  Then it came to her, in her dream she’d cum when he’d released in to her throat and so her body obliged and she felt her orgasm wash over her.

For the next week she’d tried to avoid him as much as possible, but being her boss she eventually had to see him.  To her surprise, he said nothing and treated her just like he had before.

It wasn’t until Thursday that she realized the small bag of pills had only contained 6 pills, not enough to get all the way through the weekend an she fought as hard as she could to not go and ask for more.  She could survive one day couldn’t she?

She managed to make it home without going to his office and braced for Sunday.

It was worse than she could have imagined.  What had taken days last weekend had only taken hours and she was beyond desperation when she entered the office Monday morning.

Just like the week before, he was waiting for her and she quickly moved around to the side of his desk and started to drop to her knees when she noticed his pants were still on.

“Erik… I…”

He held out a pen and waved to a contract on his desk, “Sign it.” he said.

“What… is it?”

“It’s your new employment contract.  One of the other partners had poached Kimberly from me so I need a new assistant and that’s going to be you.”

“Ngh… n… no… I won’t… I’m an… associa…”

“So you don’t want these?” he asked, holding up another small bag.

“Please…” she begged.

“Then sign the contract.  And since you’re taking so long to do it, afterward, bend over my desk and hike up that skirt.”

Her mouth fell open but he tossed the pills on top of the contract and she took the pen and signed it.  Pushing the document out of the way, she bent over and let her skirt fall to the floor as her eyes stared intently at the small bag of pills.

“My god Linda, that’s the prettiest pussy and asshole I’ve seen in a long time!” he said as she heard his pants hit the floor and his tip push up against her pussy lips.

“Good thing those pills are a contraceptive as well.” he said as he pushed himself deep in to her.

Her hips bucked back against him as she remembered one of the many dreams she had had over the last few weeks.  She moaned and squirmed just like in the dream and when he came inside of her she arched her back and came for him as well.

After that she was at his beck and call.  He gave her enough pills to keep her going for weeks, but all they did was make her hornier and hornier.  More and more pliant to his every request.

He’d kept her on as his assistant for several months until a new associate had joined the firm and she watched the same pattern play out again.  This time though it was her that offered the bag of small white pills to the new associate and she did it with the same vapid happy smile plastered on her face that Kimberly had had.

Then just over a month ago he’d called her in to his office and had her sign some more paperwork.  She did so without complaint but almost cried when he’d told her it was her resignation.  She’d almost cried not because it was the end of her dream of making partner, but because she knew she was being replaced as his assistant.

But unlike Kimberly, who really had been gone to work for one of the other partners, Erik had other plans for her.  One of the other papers had been a power of attorney and he had his new assistant sell her condo and everything she owned.

The firm had setup a new living arrangement for her, in a condo just around the corner from the office, where she would be close at hand for any of the partners to visit.

The sound of the front door snapped her back to the moment, Erick had finally arrived.

He walked in to the bedroom and smiled, “Sorry I’m late, breaking in another new associate today.” he said as he undressed.

She smiled and rubbed her nipples as he walked over to her.  He knelt down and pressed his hard shaft up against her asshole.

Erik was the only one allow to use her ass and she let out a moan as he rubbed his head against it.

“You know, that tight, perfect little asshole is the only reason I kept you.  Some of the partners want to do some upgrades and I might let them, but they’re never going to do this.” he said as he pushed in to her ass.

She tilted her head back and load out a gasp and moan at the same time as her fingers finally found their way down to her pussy.  She wasn’t allowed to play with her pussy unless someone was buried inside of her.

She had learned Erik enjoyed watching her play with herself as he fuck her ass, liked to watch her body wiggle in pleasure as he took her.  Her body responded to him like it always did, perfectly in time.  Because the most important thing she had learned was that the surest way to get more pills was to have him cum inside of her, and the pills were all that mattered.