Tabitha looked at the photo on her phone and touched her long blonde hair and frowned as much as her inflated lips would let her.

She took the phone in both hands and added a message to the photo and sent it to Wendall, “Are you sure you don’t see anything different?”

She leaned in to the mirror a bit more and took a closer look at her dark tan until the reply came back.

“Nope, same blonde bombshell as always… oh wait…”

She read the message and waited for the next one to come it.  As she did a sudden wave of dizziness came over her and then passed quickly.

“Sorry, false alarm.” she read and looked at the photo again, the massive set of fake tits were nearly as large as her head and dominated the photo.

“When did I get these giant fake tits?” she texted back.

“Just after we started dating, remember?”

She scrunched her forehead, they weren’t dating were they?  She’d known Wendall since grade school, but they were just friends.  In fact now that she thought about it, had she talked to him since high school?

Another wave of dizziness passed over her and she texted him back, “Duh… of course, you know silly old forgetful me.”

As she hit send something seemed a little off still, she wasn’t really forgetful was she?  She was a doctor after all, she had to remember all kinds of things about her patients every day.

“Hey Tabby, you just about ready to go?” Wendall texted back.

Tabby?  She hated that name!  She started to text him back but another wave of dizziness hit her.  This time she reached out and put a hand on the mirror to steady herself as her 6″ stiletto’s pushed her ass out and forced her tits forward as well.

“Like, where’s Tabby going?” she finished her response.

“To work babe, at the strip club, remember?”

“OMG Tabby wood 4get her b(.)(.)bs if not attached!”

“LOL, pick you up in 10.”

Tabby headed back to the bathroom and double checked her heavy makeup, her perfect blonde hair, her massive tits and her bubble but to make sure everything was perfect.

Wendall was such an understanding boyfriend, he let her work at the club even after they had started dating and she was so happy that she gave him most of the money she made there.  She wasn’t like those other girls he had working at the club, no she was special because he always picked her up himself and drove her home too.

Of course she had to show him how appreciative of a girlfriend she was and let him fuck some of those other girls, but she knew each night he’d come back to her place and show her how special she was with his big hard cock between her massive fake tits.  Then he’d unload on to her face and head home for the night, leaving her to bask in his warm cum as it dried.

The next morning she’d take a selfie with it still encrusted on her face and send it to him, “Tabby luvs the makeup u gave her!”