Darla looked over at John with a quizzical look, “Like, John, was my hair always this colour?” she asked.

John, for his part, looked back with a smug smile on his face.

“Of course Darla, what other colour would it be?”

Darla tried to think of an answer but nothing come to her so instead she asked another question.

“And my lips have always been so… puffy?” she asked, pushing her lips together and out.

“Just full of questions are you Darla?  I mean, a guy gives you a nice present like that necklace and all you want to do is ask questions that make no sense.”

“I totally sorry John, it’s just… I can’t think, like, straight or something.  I just like love the necklace!  If feels so tingly and good!”

She looked down at the necklace nestled between her bre… bre… tits?

“Oh my god, like I’ve got totally big tits!” she nearly screamed out and looked up at John, pushing them out as far as they would go.

“Well of course you do, your name isn’t Darla Ling Tits for nothing.”

“Darla Ling Tits?  But…”

“Well I mean most people just call you Darling Tits, but you know, it’s what it says on your drivers license.”

Darla was so confused, that’s not what her drivers license said was it?

She couldn’t seem to remember and so she opened her tiny, sparklely, purse and pulled out her license.  Right there on the front of it was her name, Darla Ling Tits.

It must be true, but she furrowed her brow as she read the rest of it, birth date April 5th, 1998.  That wasn’t right either was it?

She put her license back in her purse and tucked it under her arm, then using her fingers started counting.

“One… two… three…” she started until she got all the way to nineteen.

“But, like I’m not 19!”

“Of course not, at least not for a couple of more hours at least.  But don’t worry, the government isn’t that picky, they just want your birth date on the form, not the time.”

“Like, form?”

“Of course, did you forget already?  You can’t do porn without signing the contract first silly.”

“Porn, but like, I…”

“Come on now, you’ve been looking forward to this all year.  It’s why you changed your name, got those big fake tits and lips, bleached your platinum blonde and have been working out every day to get that tight little body of yours ready to be fucked on camera.”

Darla closed her eyes and tried to remember.  Suddenly the tingling between her tits intensified and a small orgasm washed over her as the memories came flooding back.

She remembered meeting John at the strip club, she’d used a fake ID to get hired when she’d just turned 18 after dropping out of school two years earlier.  They’d hit it off right away and when he’d mentioned he was an agent for adult films, she’d signed up with him right away, even though she knew she’d half to wait another year to become legal.

He’d helped her each step of the way; setting her workout schedule, directing her trips to the salon, finding the plastic surgeon and taking care of her afterwards, getting the paperwork to get her name changed and a thousand other little things.

She owned him everything and now that she was legal, there was just the contract to sign and she’d be on her way to stardom!

Of course there was more to being a porn star than just looking like one and John had helped her there too.  Even though she couldn’t do pron for the last year, John had helped her get ready by fucking her and teaching her how to act like a porn star in bed.

She’d learned how to slurp when she sucked his cock, how to take him all the way down her throat, how to take his load on her face without twitching, how to hold it in her mouth so he could see it before she swallowed it.

How to hold her tit so he could fuck them, how to move her body so they bounced just right.  How to spread her pussy and give that perfect “I need your cock in me” look.  How to moan and squeal in pleasure as he fucked her.

But most importantly, he’d taught her how to beg for it, what to say when she got it, and what to say to make sure she got more of it.  How to make sure everyone watching knew she was nothing more than a cock socket for whatever man she was being fucked by.

She opened her eyes and smiled, “Like, John, you totally know I’m just a silly slut… can’t even remember the like totally best year of my life!  I can’t wait to sign!”

Darling Tits warped her arm around her manager and kissed him, using her tongue to probe his mouth before breaking free and sliding down his body.  She fished his cock out from his pants and wrapped her inflated lips around it and started to suck.

John looked down at the mass of blonde bobbing up and down on his shaft and reached down and unclasped the necklace from around her neck.  No one in the archeology department at university had known what it was and it had taken him years to figure it out himself.  

He knew none of his former colleagues would believe him even if he told them, especially after they had fired him for wasting to much time on the necklace.  And what scientist would accept “magic necklace that remakes people in to anything you want” as an explanation for why he had spent that time in the first place?

Fortunately, he didn’t really care about his previous colleagues anymore, now he had living fuck dolls to keep him company and pay the rent, and that was working out better than any tenure would at a stuffy old university.