Zuki snapped the selfie and sent it off to Aaron, “Zuki so horny for you Sir!”

Aaron was coming in to town on the late flight and she wanted to make sure she looked presentable for when he made it back to his room.  She’d be there waiting of course, as a VIP he got her whenever he wanted, and that was any time he was in town.

Her phone binged and she looked down at his response, “Can’t wait to fuck those lips while holding on to both pigtails.”, followed by a dick pic and then one of her on her knees lookup up at him, cum sprayed across her face, a broad smile on her face as her eyes rolled back in her head.

She giggle out loud and her knees weakened, almost giving out as a small orgasm came over her.

“Zuki suck you all night Sir!  Zuki make you cum long time!”

Just as she hit the send button there was a knock at her condo door.  She tilted her head and walked over to the door, looking through the peep hole she got excited and jumped up and down slightly before opening it.

“Oh my gawd, Maliko!” she cried and thew her arms around her sister and gave the stunned woman a hug.  After a moment, she seemed to get a hold of herself.

“Mizuki?  Is it really you?”

Zuki pulled back and grabbed her hand, pulling her in to the condo and closing the door, “Like of course silly! *giggle* It’s so good to see you!”

“Yea, you too, but what the hell?  I mean what happened to you?”

“Whatch mean sis?”

“The hair, the outfit, how your talking… I mean the last time I talked to you, you were in the middle of your divorce and going to take Aaron to the cleaners.”

“I totally got the best divorce ever!  Now I get to work at the casino for Dave and do all kinds of fun stuff!”

Maliko closed the door behind her, she’d spent hours talking to what was left of her big sister but the only thing she’d really managed to get out of her was one name, Dave.

Whatever was going on, he clearly knew something, so he was her next stop.  

The condo was just across the street from the casino so it didn’t take her long to get there and after only a couple of quick inquiries, she found Dave as well.

“Welcome, I’m Dave.  How can I help you?”

“Hi Dave, I’m Maliko, I think…” she started, but he interrupted her before she could complete the sentence.

“Oh, you’re Mizuki’s sister!  Welcome, I’m so glad to meet you.”

“You are?  How did you know…”

“Oh, Mizuki texted me after you left her condo.  I though you might be dropping by.  By that’s neither here nor there, what can I do for you?”

“Well, it’s about Mizuki, I mean, she’s so different.”

“Really?  Well I guess she has changed a bit.  I think she really enjoys her job and she wasn’t really all that happy before so maybe it’s just that she’d happy with herself?”

“No, I don’t think so.” she replied, Dave definitely gave off a weird vibe, she could tell he was hiding something.

“I mean, she does seem happy.  But it’s like she’s lost her mind or something.”

“Hmmm, well I don’t know anything about that, but maybe the three of us should have a talk.  See if we can find out what you think is the problem?”

“Well, that might help.”

“Ok, well she’s scheduled for a shift shortly, why don’t you hang out for a bit and we can all sit down at the bar?”

“Ok, I guess.” she said, squinting and giving him an unsatisfied look.

“Hey, while your here, can you do me a favour?”

“A favour?  What?”

“The casino is about to open up a new VIP area and we’d like to get some feedback on it.  I can give you some casino credit to play with if you’d be willing to fill out a quick survey afterwards.”

Maliko squinted even more, what kind of game was he playing?  But free casino credit was still free credit…

“Well, ok, but as soon as Mizuki gets here, you’ll come and get me right?”

“Of course.” he smiled a broad Cheshire cat like grin and turned to one side, motioning his hand for her to preceed her.

She trusted him less for it.

It was a quick walk back through the casino’s VIP area to a private room, it was lavishly furished, if a bit small, but was filled with high limit games.

Dave walked over to a counter and typed on the computer for a moment before swiping a card through a machine and then coming back to her, “Here, it’s loaded up with $100k, that should do you till Mizuki gets here.”

Maliko’s eyes bulged a bit, unlike her sister, she’d never married money and if she was honest, she’d spent the last of her savings getting here to look for her sister.

“Thanks.” she said, taking the card from his hand and looking around, finding a machine flashing something that looked interesting to her.

“I’ll leave you to it, I’ll be back as soon as Mizuki arrives.”

Maliko had already started to focus on the sounds coming from the machines and by the time she sat down in front of the one she wanted to play, Dave had completely left her mind.

She pushed her card in to the machine and the chimes rang out, filling the machine up with credits and she waited until it was complete before hitting the button to spin the wheels on the screen.  The spun around, chirping and chiming as they did until they stopped and a little thrill ran through her, even though she hadn’t won.

A second and third spin followed and when she did win, the thrill not only ran threw her, it seemed to explode behind her eyes and she let out a little gasp.

By the time she’d lost $25,000, there was a wide smile on her face and when the machine lit up with the “BIG Spender Bonus!” message she actually bounced up and down in her seat a bit as she pulled hit the button.  When the digital wheels finished spinning, each one had and animated image of a large set of breasts bouncing in a bikini.

She watched them bounce for a moment and the thought of her sisters large breasts bouncing in the doorway as she opened it a few hours ago crossed her mind.  They were large and firm, obviously fake, not like her little nubs.

Maliko felt a wave of heat come over her and then it focused on her chest, she looked down watched her shirt start to strain against her growing chest.  Her hands flew to them instinctually, and as soon as she touched them pleasure pulsed from them and stretched out over her entire body.  She squeezed the two large globes, fondling them and reveling in the pleasure that came from them until the machine played a short ditty and drew her attention back to it.

Hitting the button again, she watched the wheels spin and she lost once more.  She one a few more times, and lost some more as well, but when she’d lost another $25k, the machine once more displayed a message, “Ahead of the Game!”

She hit the button to start the bonus round and  watched the spinning wheels come to a halt on a picture of a woman’s head and shoulders, the dark hair woman was nice looking but was animated and as it shook it’s head from side to side, it’s hair lengthened and lighted then turned pink as her face softened and her lips expand.

Maliko felt the warmth hit her face and watched her short dark hair grow down in front of her face, lightening by the second until it started to turn pink.

She reached up and touched her lips, sending a bolt of electricity through them, down her spine, right to her pussy.  They wrapped around her finger as if they had a mind of their own an she closed her eyes and moaned as her free hand rubbed against the fabric of her pants.

She was interrupted by the machine once more and she hit the button as she watched her credits grow lower and lower.  By the time she’d lost $75k she was eagerly awaiting the bonus game when it flashed on the screen, “Small Victories!”

She hit the button and the wheels spun, all of them landing on another picture of a woman, her pink hair and large breasts tossed and jiggled as suddenly her image shrank on the wheels.  Maliko felt like her entire body was being squeezed, she was the tallest person in her family at 5’8″, but she could fell herself shrinking and the pleasure form it forced her head back and she let out a cry of pure bliss.

The machine’s incessant song finally brought her back from oblivion as she reached out and pressed the button again, now eager to see the last of her credits disappear and the final bonus to arrive.  She spun the wheels quickly, no longer caring what appeared on the screen until finally she watched the last of her credits waste away, then as she arrived on her last spin, the final bonus messages appeared, “Going All In!”

The wheels spun and when they came to an halt, the little animated image was of a beautiful woman who looked up as a burst of pink sparkles fell down over her, the image zoomed out and the woman dropped to her knees and her entire body shook.  It blinked a few times before a speech bubble appeared beside her, “*giggle* Like, I’m totally all in!”

Maliko’s orgasm crashed over her as the pink sparkles invaded her mind and sprinkled her with their happy, horny, thoughts.

Dave walked in to the smell of sex and sweat, Maliko still sitting in the chair, naked a rubbing herself to orgasm after orgasm.

He smiled and walked over, Zuki a few steps behind him.

“Hey Liko, ready for that talk?”

Liko looked up at Dave and giggled, “Like, Liko no talk, Liko so horny!”

“Well, that works too.  Zuki, why don’t you take Liko here and get her fixed up with something from the wardrobe room.”

“Like totally Dave!”

Zuki bounced over to her sister and grabbed her hand, dragging the naked woman out of the room and down the hallway.

“And take her with you to see Aaron tonight!” he called out after them but couldn’t quite make out the response.

Aaron opened the door to his suite and walked in, a frown coming across his face.

“Zuki?” he called out.

“Zuki in bedroom Sir!” came the response.  His frown leaving his face.

He walked to the bedroom and opened the door, to his surprise, two women greeted him.

He recognized Zuki of course, she was still wearing the same outfit she’d texted him earlier in the day, but the smaller pink haired woman was new to him.  He raised a questioning eyebrow.

“Zuki so happy Sir!  Zuki’s sister visit her today!  Zuki and Liko here to you to use!”

Aaron smiled, Miliko has always been a real pain in his ass.  Like Mizuki, Miliko had tried to marry in to money, but unlike her sister, Miliko couldn’t, or wouldn’t, do what was necessary to land someone.  But that hadn’t stopped her from pestering him to set her up on blind dates with his friends.

He walked over to the shorter sister and threaded his fingers through the hair at the back of her head and tilted her upwards, “So Liko, are you ready to do what it takes now?”

Her eyes widened and she parted her lips slightly, “Liko so horny Sir, Liko do anything you want Sir!”

He lowered his lips to her and held her head steady as he forcefully kissed her, the moans coming from her throat working to stiffen his cock as he did so.  He finally pulled back and pushed her back to the bed, then instead of having her lay on it, pushed her to her knees with her back to the side of it.

He pounded the bed with his hand twice, “Up here Zuki.” he said and Zuki came over and sat on the bed.

“Turn over and spread those legs.”  She did so and he grabbed her ankles and pulled her back and then let them fall to each side of Liko.

He pushed her skirt up and exposed her bare pussy, then grabbed Liko’s hair and pulled her up slightly so her face was just below her sisters snatch.

He stepped back and snapped a couple of pictures with his phone before setting it down and getting undressed.  His hard cock stood well out from his body and he stepped up to the two women, placing it right in front of Liko’s face and grabbing both of Zuki’s ass cheeks.

He pushed into Liko’s mouth and stoked several times before pulling out and sliding in to Zuki’s pussy.  He alternated between the two several times with cries of “Fuck Zuki’s pussy Sir!”, “Liko so horny Sir!”, “Zuki needs your cock Sir!”, “Liko suck you better Sir!”, echo through the room.

Finally, he reached out and grabbed Zuki’s pony tails and pulled her off the bed, beside her sister,  He pushed their faces together and held them there as he swung his cock left and right across their faces. Then, when he could hold it no longer, he spray his cum across both of them and then watched them both orgasm as he did.

“Stay right there.” he managed to get out as he let go of their heads and retrieved his phone once more, snapping several more pictures.

He flicked through them to make sure he’d gotten a good shot and smiled, he suspected it was going to be his new favorite picture of the two sisters, but far from the last one he’d be taking.

Just as he was about to return his attention to the two women on the floor, his phone bonged with an incoming message.  He tapped it, “The casino welcomes you back!  Because your our VIP guest, we’ve left a special bonus in your room for your use, enjoy your stay!”

Aaron smiled even wider and set his phone back down, he was definitely going to be using the special bonus several times tonight and the rest of the weekend for that mater.