She sat on the chair, arms limply on the sides of it, her body feeling heavy and lethargic after yet another orgasm from the nanosuit.  She’d spent the entire weekend indoors, the raining making anything outside nearly impossible.

She let out a long, soft, sigh and smiled.  It was the best investment she’d made, period.

Suddenly she felt a strange buzz run through the nanosuit and her whole body twitched suddenly, sending her arms from their perch to hang limply behind the chair.  She went to raise them back up but found herself unable to move.

She sat there for what seemed like a long time until she started to hear the buzzing coming from outside.  It came closer and then seemed to move away, then it echoed throughout her condo.

A few minutes later it grew even louder as the drone entered the room and came to rest on the coffee table in front of her.

It shut down and quite filled the room once more until a voice echoed from a speaker on the drone.

“Stand up, walk to the door and open it.”

She recognized the voice of her neighbour, some techno geek she’d turned down for a date a few times.  Suddenly her body stood up and started to walk to the door.  When she arrived, her black encased hand reached out and twisted the door knob, pulling it open to reveal her neighbour standing in front of her, holding a control pad in his hand.

“Wow, you look better in person than on the drone camera Terry.” he said.

She wanted to throw a punch at him, but her body didn’t respond.  Instead she stood there, silent and still while he walked by her and closed the door behind him.

“Follow me.” he commanded and her body responded.

He walked in to the living room and found her control pad, he picked it up and held it beside his own.  Then he held the power button and turned her’s off.

“Don’t need that any more.” he said and tossed it back on to the coffee table, “Now how’s my drone.” he said inspecting it.

She fumed in her own mind, both because he had clearly hacked her nanosuit and now had complete control of her, and because even with all that power he was still more interested in his stupid drone!

When he finished, he turned his attention back to her and suddenly she wished he had spent more time with it.

“You know you should really keep up to date with those security patches, you’re at least three months out of date.  Good thing I found the venerability before someone else did, though I have to admit I wasn’t sure how I was going to get a command to you until I noticed you’d left your bedroom window open.”

He tapped the controller several times and then once he seemed satisfied tapped it once more.  She felt the nanosuit flow over her body, covering it entirely from the top of her head to the bottom of her toes.  Encased in the blackness, she could see nothing, but she felt it going to work on her head, lips, breasts, waist, pussy and legs.

Finally, a sliver of light cracked through and her eyes opened to the room once more.  Similarly she felt the nanosuit pull back from around her lips as well.

“Ah, that’s better, come take a look.” he said and waved her over to the full length mirror by her coat closet.  The reflection that greeted her when she arrived was horrifying.

She was still mostly encased in the black nanosuit, but instead of the lean hard frame of her usual self, a buxom, curvy, bombshell covered in black stood before her.

Gone was her brown, strait hair, replaced with a single pony tail sticking straight up from her head of bleached blonde curls that carcassed down her back.  Puffy red lips and wide blue eyes dominated the only holes in the suite.

But what, quite literally, stood out the most was her breasts.  Two basketball sized globes were topped with thick pointed nipples that made her tiny waist and long legs go virtually unnoticed.

The only think that came even close was the ballet heels, with several additional inches of platform beneath them.

She was so terrified of the reflection she didn’t notice him press the controller again until she felt the nanosuit infiltrate her mind.

Dolly opened her eyes and looked at her reflection, a perfect sex doll smiling back at her.

“Dolly, come on over here, it’s time to play.”

Dolly turned her head to see her owner standing naked in the middle of the room, she walked forward confidently and stood before him.

“Master, how may Dolly please you?”

He smiled and walked over to the chair and said down in it, then tapped his thigh.

Dolly knew how to play this game and strutted over to him, spread her legs to each side of him and lowered herself on to his lap, taking his hard shaft in her hand and guiding it to her nearly invisible slit, covered in the same black nanosuit as the rest of her body.

She pushed down hard, her tight pussy only just big enough to take him, designed to perfectly please him.

When shit it the bottom of his shaft, her voice rang out, “Dolly loves to be played with!”

She pulled up and pushed down hard again, “Dolly is made to be used!”

“Dolly is your perfect sex doll!”

“Dolly is your toy!”

Dolly felt him stiffen and his hot seed enter her, suddenly her mind swirled and Terry cried out in pleasure as her body convulsed in a massive orgasm the likes of which she’d never felt before.

She fell forward and her inflated breasts pushed up against his chest, her nipples rubbing up against him sending another orgasm through her.

She finally managed to recover just enough to look him in the eyes when she felt Dolly coming back to the forefront, pushing her back out of control of her own body.

Her eyes went from bliss, to fear, to panic to adulation in a matter of seconds, then her lips parts, “Dolly wants to be used again…” she said softly as her head rested on his shoulder.

“Soon, Dolly, soon.” he replied and patted her head.

Deep in the back of Dolly’s mind, a small voice could almost be heard, “Please, don’t let him do that again… I can’t take that too many more times… please… I don’t want to be a dolly…”

Dolly pushed it farther down and moaned out load as her owner squeezed her ass.  

Then he gave it a slap, “Get up Dolly, play times over, for now at least.  Maybe next time I’ll play with a different hole, you have three of them after all.”

Dolly stood up, turned around and wiggled her ass, “Of course Master, my ass is just as sensitive as my pussy, custom designed for your pleasure!”