A series of captions based in a world where a new laws, or “acts”, have been passed by the government that change the balance of power between men and women.

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“And as soon as I’m done testifying I get witness protection, right?” she asked to the man on the other side of the table.

“Of course Barbra, it’s all in the plea deal right in front of you.” the government prosecutor replied.

Barbra turned to her lawyer with a questioning look and he nodded.  She picked up the pen and signed her name to the first of several copies of the legal agreement, then she pushed her glasses up her nose and brushed a few stray strands of her brown hair to the side.

“Ok, so now what?”

“Well, the trail will start in a few weeks and we’ll call you as a witness, then you get up on the stand and tell the truth.”

She grunted, but internally she wondered exactly what the truth was any more.  After starting to work as an accountant, for what she thought was a legitimate business, she soon found herself neck deep in a mob run string of strip clubs and brothels.

She’d done her best to extricate herself from the mess, but all that ever seemed to happen was that she got deeper and deeper in to it.

Finally, the government had come knocking on her door and she’d jumped at the chance to turn states witness.

Now all she had to do was get through the trial and she’d get a new life and be able to start all over again.

“Not guilty.” the foreman of the jury said as a rumble ran through the court house.  The Judge hammered his gavel several times, calling for order.

A few moments later the room settled down and the Judge finished up the formalities of the case and she watched her former employers walk free.

She walked up to the prosecutors bench and leaned over the railing, “What happened!?  My testimony alone should have put them away!”

The lead prosecutor turned to her, “I’m sorry, but sometimes these things happen, juries aren’t perfect after all.”

“But my deal is still rock solid right?”

“Of course, Agent Stone is waiting for you in the parking lot to take you to your new life.”

“Good, I’m gone.” she said, turning on her heels and walking quickly out of the court room.

True to his word, Agent Stone was waiting by her car for her as she walked up and took her keys out of her purse.

“You won’t be needing those.” he said, reaching out and grabbing her keys from her hand.


“And the purse as well.” he said, extending his hand.

She humphed but gave in, handing over her purse to him.

“Good, now follow me.” he said and started to walk across the parking lot towards a high end luxury car.  It unlocked with a chirp as they approached and she opened the passenger door and sat down in the comfortable seat.

He walked around to the other side and sat in the drivers seat, then before he started the car he pulled out a table.

“Alright,” he said, flipping through several screens, “just a bit of paperwork to do before we go, here approve this.” he said and handed her the tablet.

She skimmed over the title of the document, “Witness Protective Services Relocation Agreement”, and then scanned her thumbprint where it indicated.

As soon as she did, she felt the implant activate and freeze her in position.  Agent Stone reached over and took the tablet from her immobilized hands and then continued for a few more minutes before finally starting the car and driving off.

Barbra watched helplessly as the implanted walked her in to the clinic, past the reception area and directly to the private wing.  Of course she’d heard of these places, but she never thought she’d be in one.

Her body walked in to an examination room where a Doctor was waiting.

“This is the patient?” the Doctor asked, waving a tablet in his hand in her general direction.

“You got it Doc.  Here, accept delivery.” Agent Stone said, holding out his tablet for the Doctor to tap his table against.

“Thanks Doc, you have the new profile?  Will two weeks be enough time.”

“Yes, two weeks is fine.”

“Great, see you then Barbra.” he said and walked out of the room.

She wanted to yell at him, beg him to take her with him, but instead her body turned to the examination table, stripped naked and sat down.

The Doctor took several photo’s of her and then with a marker, make lines and other marks on her body, before taking more photos.

Then, just when she didn’t think it could get any more humiliating, her body laid down on the table and everything went black.

Barbra didn’t know how long the implant had kept her unconscious, but she did know that everything seemed to hurt.  She tried to move, but the implant still had her immobilized.

A few minutes later, a nurse and the same Doctor as before walked in to the room.

“Ah, good to see you awake.” the Doctor said before checking over his tablet.

She tried to speak but no intelligible sounds came out, just a weak moan.

“Oh, pardon me, of course you probably have some questions.  Well, as per the ‘Enhanced Witness Relocation Act of 2021’, we’ve given you a new identity.  I must say it is some of by best work, a full facial and body transformation!

Let’s start from the top, we’ve genetically altered your hair and provided a growth stimulus to your scalp, that dreary old brown hair has been replaced with a long set of platinum blonde locks.  Those beady little eyes have been opened up in to a much more expressive form.

I’ve completely reshaped your nose and even given your entire face a longer slimmer look to it.

As for your body, we’ll we’ve given you a complete rejuvenation of your skin, it’s taken a least 10 years off of you.

Along with some weight redistribution, giving you, well more up top, a little less in between a just the right amount on your back side if I do say so myself.”

She listen but couldn’t believe what he was saying.  She was supposed to be in witness protection!  She was supposed to have a new, perfect life!

Instead some doctor had transformed her in to one of those living sex dolls she had heard so much about.

“Oh, is that surprise I see on your face?  Or just my handiwork?  It’s so hard to tell, but I’ll assume it’s surprise.

This isn’t exactly what you expected, eh?  Perhaps you should have read your plea agreement more closely.  Or perhaps you didn’t and just didn’t believe that the jury would deliver a not guilty verdict.  Either way, it’s too late now.

The Act is very clear, you’ll be getting your new life, but you’ll need to repay the state for the expense and it’s the state’s option to how you replay it if the state loses the trial.”

She tried to scream but the implant stopped her, it was too much, her head spun and the blackness engulfed her once more.

“Bambi!  Hurry up and get back out on to the floor!” the manager called as Barbra tried to button her jean jacket beneath her massive tits.

“Like coming!” he voice called out and her hands finally managed to get the button done up, forcing her tits to push together.

She picked up her mini purse on the way out and and headed back on to the floor, wiggling her ass and tits as she did so.  She looked around the room, men of all ages, sizes and colours sitting comfortably as a bevy of beautify girls walked around the room, via for their attention.

She’d just finished up with her first customer of the day, and if her math was correct, 300th since she’d arrived two months ago at the brothel.

She scanned the room and mingled for a while until the manager flagged her down and she headed over to his desk.

“What can I do for ya boss man?” she said, the implant not having to force the words from her mouth, she’d been learning what it expected and need it’s reenforcement less and less as the days had turned to weeks.

She’d even started to participate in the sex itself recently, oh, the implant still did most of the work, but once in a while she’d find herself actively engaged if a client spent the time to actually spend some time on her instead of just ramming it in.

“I’ve got two VIP’s for you, head in to room 3.”

“You got it boss!” she chirped and headed back down to the VIP area.  When she arrived, she double checked her outfit in the mirror just outside of the room and then opened the door.

If the implant had let her, her jaw would have been on the floor as she flounced in to the room containing her old boss and the lead prosecutor from the trail.

“Hiya boys!  I’m Bambi!” her lips said as her body bounced over and sat down between the two men.

The implant was in full control as Barbra was frozen with panic.

“Come on, really?  This can’t be her.” Her old boss said across her to the prosecutor.

“No, really, it took me a while to track her down, but it’s really Barbra.” the prosecutor said, lifting his hand up to her face and turning her head towards him.

“Isn’t that right Barbra?”

“Like, sure baby, I’ll be anyone you want!” her voice echoed through the room.

The prosecutor handed her ex boss a tablet with information displayed on it, she caught a quick glimpse of it and knew it was her witness protection details.

“Well fuck me.” her ex boss exclaimed, “And working right her in one of my own brothels to boot!”

Something clicked in her mind, he wasn’t her ex boss, he was her current boss. She’d still been working for him, but instead of cooking the books, she was sucking and fucking to be part of the books.

Bambi giggled and turned to her boss, “So, like boss, do you want to fuck me, cause I’m pretty sure I *really* want to fuck you!”

“Fuck yea I do!” he replied and toss the tablet back to the prosecutor, then grabbed her hair, knocking off her cap and pulled her down on the floor between his legs.  Bambi pushed her face in to his crotch as her fingers worked his pants until they were down around his ankles and his dick was in her mouth.

“See, I told you I could deliver.” the prosecutor said as he set the tablet aside and stood up.

“That you did.  Good work, consider yourself hired, I always need good lawyers on my team.  Now get out of here, I think I need to spend some quality time with Bambi’s ass for the trouble she put me through.”

Bambi pulled off of her bosses shaft just long enough to giggle, “Like oh my god boss, I can’t wait!” and then dove back down on him as the other man walked out of the room.

“Hey, tell the manager I told him to give you the run of the place, on the house.” her boss called out just as the door closed and he grabbed her head, pushing her all the way down to the base of his dick.

Bambi’s pussy tingled as the short curly hairs tickled her nose and she felt a small orgasm wash over her as she knew she had found her new perfect life after all.