“God, I can’t believe I’m knocking on John’s door…” Haley said as she rapped her knuckles against the thick apartment door, the sound echoing down the empty hallway.  She’d left her own apartment in a such a hurry and had just tossed on a lose fitting grey top that barely covered her boobs and her long blonde hair was a wild mess as well.

“I mean it’s not as if I don’t know him or anything, we talk all the time, but I just don’t know what’s come over me today.” she continued without pause as she heard footsteps coming to the door and then the John twisting the handle to open it.

“Hi Hal…” he started but she didn’t let him finish.

“Hi John, sorry to disturb you, but can I talk to you?”

“I gue…” he managed to get out before she once more interrupted him.

“Thanks.  It’s been kind of a weird day and I just had to talk to someone.  Since you work from home I knew you’d be around.” she said as she stepped in to his apartment and started walking towards the living room, which she knew would be in the same place as her own as all the apartments shared the same basic layout.

He caught up to her and manged to once more get in front of her after closing the door and as be passed the kitchen, waved his hand in it’s general direction, “Do you wa…”

“No, nothing for me, thanks.” she cut him off, knowing he was offering her a drink but fearing what would happen if she accepted one.

“Aren’t you supp…”

“…supposed to be at work?” she finished the sentence for him, “Yea, I called in sick.  That’s kind of what I wanted to talk about.”  It was after all just a minimum wage job at the local restaurant, not a real career or anything.

She scrunched her forehead as she spoke, trying to figure out how to say it without stopping, but as the last words left her mouth, she knew there was no choice but to just keep talking.

“You see I woke up this morning feeling a little strange.  You know how it is sometimes, you open your eyes and roll over and you just don’t feel ‘right’, like you’re getting sick without actually being sick?”

“Yea, I gue…”

“Well, that’s kind of what it was like.  I got in to the shower and the feeling just got worse and worse until I decided to call in sick.  My manager was understanding, after all I hardly ever take sick days.  But as soon as I put the phone down on my nightstand again, things escalated quickly.  The feeling suddenly turned from ‘sick’ to ‘horny’ and I dropped back on to my bed and started fingering myself furiously.”

John’s eyes widened as she spoke, he opened his mouth as if to ask a question but she just rolled right along.

“It was like I couldn’t help myself, I plunged my fingers in and out but they just couldn’t satisfy me.  I managed to get one of my toys from my dresser drawer, which helped, but still it wasn’t enough.

In frustration, I swore out loud and suddenly, just for an instant, the need subsided.  Before I knew what had happened my I had started masturbating again.

I don’t know why, but for some reason whenever I talk my horniness subsides.  As soon as I stop talking though it’s right back!

Isn’t that the craziest thing you’ve ever heard?”

“Well…” he started to respond but she could feel it building as so she continued right along.

“As soon as I realized it I started talking out loud, just babbling whatever was coming to the top of my mind and that’s how it’s been for the last hour or so.  But talking to myself was getting boring so that’s why I came over to see if you were around.

And that’s not the only thing that’s strange about it.  I mean I can’t stop playing with myself when I’m not talking, sure, but I have this weird feeling like I’m not quite in control of my entire body.

It’s not like if you tell me to jump up and down on one foot while tapping my head that I’m just going to go ahead and do it, but it kind of feels like I’m remote controlling my body and that someone else could take it over at any moment.

Does that sound crazy or what?  Never mind don’t answer that.”

John smiled without trying to interrupt her and walked over in front of her.

“What is it?  Why are you smiling?” she asked in rapid succession as he took her hand and raised it up.  He turned it over and twisted it in several different directions all the while examining it closely.  With each touch a small jolt of pleasure ran up her arm and in to her mind.

“What are you doing John?  Why can’t I pull my hand away?  Please, what’s going on?”

His only response was to let her hand drop to her side and take her by the shoulders and rotating her around so she was facing away from him.

“John, please… I don’t understand what’s happening but… but… what are you doing?” she managed to get out before his hand came to rest on her ass and the small jolts became a huge spike of pleasure running up her spine.

“Oooooooo!!!!” she cried out, “What was that!  God that felt so good!”

She felt his hand push her forward and start to guide her away from the living room and down the hallway towards the bedroom.

“John, please, I can’t… I can’t… I can’t help myself!  Can you help me?” she pleaded, turning her head as he body continued to walk in front of him, her eyes expressing a mixture of need and fear at the same time.

“I don’t know what’s going on, I can’t stop talking or I know I’ll drop to my knees and started masturbating right her and now, but I can’t stop walking towards your bedroom!”

She didn’t know which was worse, her babbling on about her predicament or the fear that if she stopped it would only get worse.

They entered his bedroom just as she was finishing her thought and that’s when she saw it laid out on his dresser, several candles and an open book on top of a pentagram.

“Oh my god, you cast a spell on me or something!  You bastard!  How could you!  What have I ever done to you to deserve that?”


“Fuck you John, you’re going to regret this… this… well, whatever this is.  When it wears off I’m going to make you pay!”

“I don’t think so. And for as to what this is…” he said quickly before she started talking again.

“Really John?  What exactly is it then?  Some kind of horny spell that’s going to make me fuck you?  Those are only one-time shots, I’ll be back to normal as soon as your ‘finished’.”

Instead of replying, he just smiled and guided her over to the bed and started to strip of her clothes.

“Hey, be careful, that shirt was expensive!  You’d better not ruin it!” she continued as he took her top off and then her pants.

“God… if I’d known I’d be stripped naked I would have worn some better underwear!” she said as he removed her slightly tattered bra and panties.

She stood naked in front of him, “Getting a good look?  It’s the last time so make sure you see everything you want to because in jail all you’re going to get to see is your fellow inmate’s dicks!”

As she spoke he walked over to the dresser and opened the bottom drawer, pulling out several metal objects and then walked back over to her.  Once more he turned her away from him so she stood facing the bed.

“What’s that John, some of your perverted toy’s you never get to use on a real woman?  You got a blow-up doll in there too?” she almost spit at him as he took a long bar and clamped one end to each of her ankles as he spread her legs apart.

He pushed between her shoulder blades, once more sending a wave of pleasure through her and her body bent over until she was laying on the bed, stomach first.

“Bastard, you’ll regret this!  Fuck you…” she continued to through vulgarities at him as he calmly re-arranged her arms behind her back and placed a set of handcuffs on both her wrists and elbows.

Then, taking one of the pillows from the head of the bed, he stuffed it under her pelvis, pushing her ass up in to the air.

He leaned over and started to pull her hair back in to a pony tail, “What’s this now?  You got some kind of weird hair fetish?” she almost screamed.

But he just continued along until he was satisfied and then she heard the top of a jar pop off.  The sinking feeling in her gut suddenly dropped by a mile and she let out a string of profanities.

“What the fuck are you doing?  You’d better not be doing what I think…” she managed to get out before she felt the cool jell touch her sphincter.

“Fuuuuucccckkkkkk yyyyyooooouuuuu!!!!!!” she cried out as she felt something slide in to her ass.  But not from pain, far from it, it was more like a thousand tiny tongues were licking her clit if it had been located in her ass.  The pleasure was unlike anything she’d felt before, but it still wasn’t enough to take her over the edge.

Then, before she could recover from it, she felt him tough at her hair and attach it to whatever he had put in her ass, forcing her head to stay upright or face the prospect of pulling on her own asshole.

“Mmmmmgmgghmnfbnd…” she tired to form words, but the pleasure was still messing with her ability to form them, which was when she saw the red ball gag descend over her head as he pushed it in to her mouth and secured it behind her head.

Immediately her pussy was on fire, just like it had been before she had started talking to herself that morning.  Her fingers tried to find it, but bound behind her back, they failed in their quest.

She cried out in need through the gag, she tried to dry hump the pillow but moving with her hair connected to her ass only made the need worse.

She felt John get off the bed and a moment later he pushed a long stand up mirror in front of her, she could see the need in her eyes and just make out the chromed “hook” that he’d inserted in to her ass and tied her long hair to.

If she’d still been able to speak, she would have been begging him to fuck her, but all that came out was the muffled whimpers from around the gag.

John smiled and ran his hand down the side of her face, the pleasure caused her to try and push her face in to his hand but only resulted in her toughing at her own asshole.

“There now, that’s better, I can finally finish a sentence.” he said as he gently stroked her cheek.

“You know you have always under estimated me.  You didn’t take me seriously when I asked you out.  You blew me off when I offered to help you find a better job.  You even think this is just about a one-time bout of sex.”

It was hard to think through the needs of her pussy, but she just managed to keep focused enough to listen to him talk.

“This spell is so much more, it’s a binding spell.  It’s got you so horny right now that when I finally do fuck you, you’re going to be so satisfied that no other man will ever do again.” he said as he took his hand away from her cheek and walked around the bed once more.

She watched him in the mirror, standing behind her as he reached down and squeezed her ass.  Waves of pleasure washed through her as he fondled her body.

He worked is way up and down it, from her neck, down her back to her ass again.  Then he pushed his hands under her and squeezed her pierced nipples, sending her eyes rolling back in to her head as the pleasure rocked her once more.

He spent hours teasing her body, sending her need higher and higher, beyond anything she thought was possible until there was only the need left, her mind empty of anything else but the burning passion that was centered on her pussy.

That’s when she felt him push up against her outer lips.  If the insertion of the hook in to her ass had been like a thousand tongues on her clit, the insertion of his dick in to her pussy was like her entire body was her clit and every square inch of it had a thousand tongues lashing it in pure pleasure.

Her body jerked, no longer concerned with her asshole she spasmed in ecstasy as he stroked in and out of her pussy.  It was all that mattered, nothing else but the pleasure filled her mind and body, it was all she was.

“That’s right Haley, let it flow through you, in you, become you.  You are nothing but pleasure now, a vessel to deliver it to me whenever I want.”

The words pounded at her, burning away any doubt to their truth as his shaft did the same to her pussy.

She felt him cum inside of her and her world exploded in pure white-hot bliss as her orgasm finally crested and her muffled scream sounded throughout the room.

When she finally managed to regain herself, Haley knew she had a new purpose in life. Each time John fucked her from now on she would be fulfilling that purpose and the thought made her pussy squirm with need as she looked at herself in the mirror, still bound and gaged but happier than she could ever remember being.

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