Carol turned her head and looked out at the garden, her cup of coffee sending small trails of steam from it’s surface.  She let out a small sigh and felt more relaxed than she had in years.

“Earth to Carol, earth to Carol.” her husband said and she blinked and turned towards him as he sat across the table munching on a bagel.

“What dear?” she asked.

“Haha, you just looked so zoned out, anything on your mind?”

She smiled and giggled  as she set her coffee down, “Nah, just admiring the garden honey.”

He smiled back, “Ah, do you like the new bushes I had put in?”

She giggled again and leaned back in to her chair, her hand sliding down to her recently shaven “bush” and her fingers sliding in to her wet pussy.

“Uh huh.” she nodded as she parter her lips and her free hand squeezed one of her breasts.

Her fingers slide over the smooth surface of her nether regions and she couldn’t for the life of her figure out why she hadn’t done it sooner.  But then, there were lots of things she’d done in the last few weeks that had made her life so much better that she’d never considered before that it was almost like she was a completely new person.

Her boring old job as an executive at her husbands company was behind her, she was now a full time trophy wife.

Her old lazy ways were gone, she spent time in their home gym every day.

Her detain for sex was a distant memory, her needy pussy was far more important than anything she might not like.

She felt Jeremy’s hand touch her cheek and she looked up in surprise, having lost herself in her own pleasure, he’d walked around the table to her, his dick at attention from behind his housecoat.

Her lips wrapped around it as her fingers continued to work in and out of her pussy, soon they matched he rhythm Jeremy was setting as he stroked in and out of her throat.

Her mind was awash in pleasure, her heart raced as she eagerly took him deeper and deeper in to her until she felt him stiffen and his cum start to run down her throat.

Her own fingers pushed in as deeply as they could and her orgasm washed over her, her back arching, her eyes rolling back in to her head as the joy of his cum in her body exploded through her.

Jeremy looked down at his wife, cum dripping from the corners of her mouth as the orgasm rocked her.  Just a few weeks ago she’d been a ball busting bitch that hadn’t “defiled” herself by having sex with him in over a year.

He’d been preparing the divorce papers when another option had come along.  The Doctor had guaranteed his work and it would cost just a fraction of the divorce so he’d agreed.

Now Carol was the perfect wife; eager, willing, inhibition free and obedient.

Well, perhaps not perfect yet, there were still some improvements that could be made.  After all, his best friend, and biggest rival, John had gone through a divorce recently and was now hooking up with a hot little blonde with the biggest tits Jeremy had ever seen on anyone but a porn star.

It wouldn’t do for John to have the hotter woman.  Fortunately, the Doctor had provided Jeremy will referrals to several excellent plastic surgeons.  At the time he hadn’t expected to need them, but now, as he watched Carol’s small breasts rise and fall, a few drops of his cum landing on them, he was glad he’d kept them.