Candice opened the file drawer and pulled out what she was looking for just as the buzzing in her pussy pulsed twice and sent the papers flying in the air as her fingers plunging in to her wet waiting folds under her skirt.

She fell to the floor as her fingers worked quicker and quicker until she cried out in passion and came hard.

She gasped for breath and put her hand on her forehead as she turned slightly to him walk in to the file room, she desperately wanted to throw something at him but instead a smile crossed her lips as she spoke, “Thank you Sir!”, her high pitched parody of a voice spoke.

She hated him intensely, but she couldn’t even bring herself to think of his name any longer.  When she did, all that came to mind was “Sir” or “Master”.  To avoid those thoughts, she’d found the trick was to only think of him in the third person, hence she only referenced him as “him” in her own mind.

That of course didn’t work when she spoke, there was no trick she could come up with that could avoid calling him with those words.

It hadn’t been that way just two months ago when she was the CEO of the fast growing tech startup.  She’d spoken down to him so many times, berating him in her confident, stern voice as she pushed everyone around her to work harder and longer.

And she had lead by example, spending long nights at the office alone well after everyone else had gone home.  It had been a Friday night when the three large, burly men had grabbed her in the parking garage, throwing her in the back of a plain white van and putting a hood over her head.

She’d struggled of course, but they had overpowered her, bounder her hands behind her back, tied her ankles together and then strung a third rope between the two and pulled it tight.  So tight it was very uncomfortable and she cried out, only to find a gag stuffed in her mouth and a needle stuck in her arm.

The last thing she had remembered seeing was her dark brown hair swaying in from of her face as it had escaped the tight bun she usually kept it in.

When she woke up again, she was in a bright white room, with medical equipment all around her and a man in a surgical mask standing over her.  She wasn’t laying flat, but instead her upper body was upright and she could feel straps around her head.

“Ah, finally awake?  Good, we need you conscious for this next part.” he’d said as she tried to move her body but found it unresponsive.

She’d tried to make sense of what was happening, she’d been scheduled to go to Germany on a business trip on Monday for a week, so this was too much of a coincidence to be unrelated.

Her mind had immediately jumped to him, he’d been trying to undermine her position with the board for months.  Trash talking her ability to handle change and her failure to close the buy out.

It wasn’t that she had failed to close the buy out of course, she’d turned it down, it wasn’t a good enough offer.  But it would have made most of the employees millionaires so there was a lot of resentment in the company about it.

“Lift up your hand.” The doctor had said and without thinking about it she complied.  She regretted it now of course, but she doubted it would have made any difference if she hadn’t done so.

A few more commands and he had seemed satisfied, “Good.  Ok, tilt her back down and let’s finish up with the implants.”

She watched the ceiling come in to view and then several nurses come over and remove several blankets from her, the cool air of the operating room hitting her breasts and vagina before the darkness once more engulfed her.

The next thing she remembered was coming too in what was obviously a hospital room with an IV suspended beside her slowly dripping in to her arm.  As the fog cleared from her head a single word popped to the from of her mind, “implants”.

Her hands flung to her chest, she’d always had large breasts that she’d kept hidden as best she could, she feared how big they might have made them but was relived when they seemed no different.

But she did noticed they were tender and there were two small bandages on each nipple.  That’s when she noticed the headache as well, she’d rubbed her forehead and neck, which was when she found yet another bandage at the base of her skull where a small patch of shaved hair was.

Panic had set in and she’d cried out for help, but no more than a whisper escaped her lips.  She’d thrown her legs over the side of the bed and tried to push herself upright, but found her arms refusing to do so.

She’d looked around and found the call button and pressed it, a few moments later a nurse had walked in to her room, a wide smile across her heavily painted face.

“Good morning, I’m sure you have many questions and I’ve been told to answer as many as I’m allowed to.  But first let me tell you what has happened.  Three days ago you were kidnapped from your office, it was paid for and arranged by Mr. Toleson, which I’m told will not come as much of a surprise to you.  

Since then you have been in the care of this clinic where five implants have been installed in your body.  One in your cranium, one in each nipple, one in your vagina and one in your anus.

I’m sure by now you have noticed that the one in your head is limiting your range of movement, but it is capable of so much more.  The other four are not as sophisticated and a primarily stimulators and converters.  All five will be used over the next 7 days to re-train you for your new role in life.”

She’d spoken so matter of factly that Candice had sat there with her mouth hanging open throughout the speech and even afterwards until the nurse had prodded her.

She’d answered all the questions Candice had the same, except for the really important ones which she’d simply said she was not allowed to answer.

She had cursed his name, imagining him in Germany taking the meetings she had scheduled and coming up with some excuse as to why she wasn’t there.

The nurse had left and come back with food, that she’d begrudgingly eaten and then cleared it away.  For the next hour or so the nurse had helped her get out of bed and walk around the room.  Then out in to the hall way and around the facility a bit.  Then she’d been taken back to her room and allowed to use the bathroom before being lead back to her bed and left alone.

She’d tried to get out of bed again on her own, but found once more the implant would not let her and so she found the remote control for the TV and turned it on.  There seemed to be only two kinds of programs on it, makeup tutorials and porn.  She’d shut it off in disgust and eventually drifted of to sleep.

Those next few days, the first of the “re-training” as the nurse had called it, were unimaginable to her before that point.  A nurse would issue a command for her to follow, she’d fight it and then the implants in her body would cause pain, followed by the implant in her head doing the action anyway.

The commands were so innocuous at first; “stand up”, “sit down”, “touch your nose” that she had finally given in to them and found the pain replaced with pleasure.

She wasn’t stupid of course, she knew what was happening, but the pattern had repeated over and over again.  A new command would be given, something more humiliating or objectionable than the last one and so she’d fight it.  The pain would course through her body and then she would do it anyway.  After a few more times, she’d give in and the pleasure would re-enforce her compliance.

By the fifth day, when the commands were; “show your pussy”, “deep throat the dildo” and “finger your ass” she had no fight left.

Compliance was pleasure and her mind needed the pleasure now, it had become an addiction. By the time she was re-dressed in the clothes she had been taken in and walked out of the clinic, she could no longer disobey any command given, her mind had betrayed her with it’s need for the pleasure that came with compliance.

She had taken her seat in the limo beside him as they drove off, a wolfish grin on his face as he unzipped his pants and pulled his dick free, “Blowjob” was all he’d said and she’d dove down on to him, waves of pleasure pouring in to her mind as she slid up and down his stiff shaft.

To her surprise, at first at least, she’d returned to being the CEO.  Though it didn’t last long as two weeks later he’d commanded her to turn in her resignation, effective immediately, including a recommendation that he take over the company.

She’d walked out of the office and straight to his home, just as he’d instructed her too.  The next day she’d signed over power of attorney to him and by the end of the week had sold nearly everything she’d owned.  Her condo, her car, everything and instead renting a small apartment a few blocks away from the office.

He’d had his lawyers do all the paperwork of course, she hadn’t even needed to sign any of it.  Though she did have to appear before the Judge when he’d legally changed her name from Candice Rockson to Candi Rox.

He’d prepared her before hand of course, having her dye her hair blonde, telling to speak in a high pitched voice, act like an airheaded bimbo, dress in the tight, short outfit and exactly what to say.  

The Judge hadn’t hesitated to approve the change when she’d complied with every instruction he’d given her.

She’d moved in to her new apartment a completely new woman and doubted anyone would have even recognized her from her old life.

And that was when she’d received the call from HR, “Hello Miss Rox, thank you for applying to the position of Personal Assistant to the CEO.  We’d like to invite you to an interview tomorrow, are you available?”

The words had sent a shiver down her spine as she desperately tried to scream out “no”, but her lips refused to form the word.

“Like, of course! I’m totally available any time!” she chirped out instead as the person from HR had given her the time to arrive at.

She’d gotten the job of course, he was the CEO now and the interview had been little more than her being bent over her old desk as he fucked her pussy.

Of course there had been a few people at the office that seemed to feel like they knew her from somewhere, but her tight revealing outfits, ridiculous towering heels, high pitched voice and complete bimbo attitude quickly dissuaded them and soon she was nothing more than the CEO’s office eye candy.

She started to pull her skirt back down, but saw him pull his phone from his pocket and tap the screen.  Three quick pulses of the implant in her ass stopped her in her tracks.  Instead she pulled the skirt up around her waist, rolled over on to her stomach and pushed her exposed ass up in to the air.

It was his new favorite game, not satisfied to just give her verbal commands, he’d instructed her on how to react when certain sequences of pulses came from her implants.

One was just pleasure, two was self gratification in which ever location the pulses came from and three was to present that location for his use.

She felt his thumb up against her sphincter, then his hand slap down against her ass as she let out moan.

His pants fell to the floor and he pushed into her and the waves of pleasure coming from the implant reached her mind and she cried out in need, “Oh my gawd yes!  Totally fuck me baby!”

When he was finished, his load buried deep in her bowels as she stayed down on the floor, her ass in the air, he pulled his pants up and fished something from his pocket.  She felt the cool metal object stretch her ass as it slid in with a pop.

He walked to the door and turned back to her, “You can get back to work now, but you’d better not let a drop of my cum seep out of your ass until you get home.”

She clenched her anus around the butt plug, making sure to seal in his cum and then stood up, collecting the scattered papers before leaving the filing room herself.

She was going to have to spend the rest of the day with her butt cheeks clench tightly around the plug, taking short careful steps, all the while the implant would be converting the unpleasant experience in to pure pleasure.

She hated him more than ever, but also knew that tonight, when she arrived home and pulled the plug from her ass and the cum ran down her legs, she’d be cumming hard herself.  After all compliance was all that matter now and she craved it more than anything.