“I’m glad you could make an exception for me and make a house call.” the strong confident voice said as he opened the door to the modern mansion that I had just pulled up in front of.

“Not a problem.  After all who could turn down a personal invitation to Dr. Stonewall’s lair?”

Dr. Stonewall gave out a slight chuckle and smiled, “Please, call me Charles.”

“Of course, I hope you don’t mind if I prefer to stay anonymous…”

“Of course, of course.  I fully understand.  Please, come with me and I’ll show you what I called you about.”

I nodded and follow along behind him as he walked through the main foyer, which was filled will trophies from his exploits, and up to the second floor.  He opened a door, just before the master bedroom and walked in.

I followed him in and as soon as I did there she was, TimeLapse, her long red braid contrasting the shiny black latex as she knelt on the bed, perfectly still.

“She’s frozen in time?” I asked.

“Yes, well mostly, a the moment she’s only experiencing one second every month.  It turns out she can’t actually stop time, just slow it down drastically.”

“I see.” I replied as I walked over and viewed her from several different angles.

TimeLapse had been a major hero until her disappearance a few months ago, she’d appeared in the city back in the 40’s and had been fighting crime ever since.  Though she didn’t look a day over 25, no one knew for sure how old she really was.  Some said she was immortal, other’s thought she was actually multiple people, but there was no doubt she was kneeling right in front of me.

“Before you ask, no I don’t think she’s immortal, though by my calculations she’s only aging one day for every thousand years, so perhaps that’s close enough.”

I gave out a low whistle, Dr. Stonewall was a genius, no he was more than that.  As Wiley E. Coyote might say, he was a *super* genius.  He had clearly done his research and I had no reason to doubt him.

“If you don’t mind me asking, how did you capture her?” I asked.

“Yes, of course, well do you recall my attack on the university last year?”

I nodded, no one was sure what he had been after, but whatever it was TimeLapse had thwarted him.

“Well, after her little interruption in my plan I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I’d encounter her.  It never is once a hero has got a hold of your scent, so I put some thought in to her.

Back when she first appeared, the technology just wasn’t advanced enough to understand her power and since she’d been around for so long no one had really taken a look at it recently.  It didn’t take long to come up with a theory on how it worked and then it was just a matter of doing some field tests.”

I recalled several new paper articles in which there had been small skirmishes between his henchmen and TimeLapse.  No one had really paid them much attention as they were just standard fare for heroes and villains after all.

“After I was sure my theory was correct, I created this.” he said, holding up a small silver fob with four buttons on it.

“As is the case with many of these ‘powers’, understanding them is easy enough, but replicating them is almost impossible.  However subverting them, that’s another matter.  In TimeLapse’s case my device can trigger her power without her consent.” he said as he pressed the larger of the four buttons.

Suddenly TimeLapse moved, her chest heaving as she moaned.  Her hands moved down her body, gripping her breasts, then one of them moving down to her pussy and rubbing it, “Oh god please!  I need it so bad!” she said as she leaned forward a bit, opening her mouth wide and Charles hit a small button near the top of the device and she froze in place again.

“At the moment I have her ‘stuck’ in a loop, she’s been providing blowjobs to my staff for he last few months.  Though from her perspective it has been one continuous stream of men for several days.”

“And how did you…”

“Make her a living blow job machine?  That was easier than you might have thought.  After the field tests were complete, I simply designed a heist in which I knew she would show up.  Once she’d arrived and taken out a few of my men, I used my device to ‘freeze’ her in time and then brought her back here.

Her ability to manipulate time is impressive, but beyond that she doesn’t have any other powers.  So standard restraints in a common gurney held her in place when I brought her back to standard time.

A simple set of conditioning equipment; visor, ear phones, stimulation attachments and a very large tank of nutritional fluid sent directly in to the blood stream made short work of her.

Or at least it was short work from my perspective, just as I can trigger her power to slow down time I can trigger it to speed up time as well.  She spent two and a half years being conditioned from her perspective but only a few hours from mine.”

“So she could be similarly reconditioned?”

“I suppose so, why?”

“As much as her current state is very attractive to buyers, much like you have found, it does have a limited attention span.  But if she can be reconditioned, then that’s a different story, that adds a lot of value to the merchandise.”

“Yes, I see what you mean.  In that case yes, reconditioning is quite possible using readily available technology.”

“Very good, in that case what kind of price were you looking to get for her?”

“I’m not up on the market these days, my understanding is you work on commission?  40% if my sources are correct.”

“Yes.  Though, if your interested in parting way with some of your collection downstairs I think I could reduce my rate.”

“Then I trust your desire to make a profit on the deal will ensure you get top dollar for her.  I have an extensive collection of other items you’ll be interested in I’m sure and I have been thinking it is time to part with some of them.”

“Very good.” I said and extended my hand, Dr. Stonewall shook it and we both smiled.

“Well them, I’m sure you’ll want to ensure the quality of my work… I’ll leave you alone for a while.  The top button increases the rate of time, the larger one below it resets her to current time, the third one slows time and the fourth ‘freezes’ her.” Charles said and handed my the device.

“Yes, well, as you say, I do have to ensure the quality of my merchandise before I can sell it…” I replied, as I took the device and he closed the door behind him.

I walked over to the bed, dropped my pants and placed my hand on the back of TimeLapse’s head as I pressed the large button and pulled her face towards my stiffening shaft.

Her lips wrapped around me as she sucked me all the way in to he back of her mouth.  She worked up and down my shaft as I pressed the top button briefly and her strokes slowed down.  I preset the reset button followed by the slow button and pace increased.

I played with the remote several times until I felt myself ready to cum, then I pulled her off of me and sprayed my seed across her face and I watched her eyes roll back in her head as she orgasmed.

I pressed the final button and she froze mid orgasm, my cum frozen in place across her face.

I pulled up my pants and grabbed my phone, taking several photos before heading back downstairs where Dr. Stonewall was waiting.

“I assume she passed your quality control check?  Your ‘seal of approval’ across her face?”

“How did you…” I stammered, were there cameras in the room?

“Don’t worry, there are no hidden cameras in my home.  It was the first thing I did with her and I’m sure the first thing my henchmen did with her as well.  It just seems like the right way to end it the first time.”

“Yes… well… I’ll send a truck over to pick her up tomorrow.  I’m sure I’ll have a buyer within a few days.”

“Very good, I’m sure the photos will help with generating interest as well.”

I paused as I stepped towards the door for just a second before continuing, I didn’t need to ask how he had known about the photo’s, I’m sure he has his own collection of them that dwarfs the few I snapped a few minutes ago.

Perhaps he would be willing to part with those as well, after all the market for fallen hero porn was huge, I’m sure I could find a buyer TimeLapse: Suck in Time.