Caroline leaned over on to the high chair, her ass stuck up in to the air perfectly as she rested her head on her hand and let out a heavy sigh, it was almost over, wasn’t it?

She was sure this would be the last one, it had to be, it had been almost 7 months of constant sex.  She couldn’t take much more.

She felt a hand caress her ass and she let out a moan as his thumb rub her pussy lips, ‘God, not the pussy, please!’ she cried out in her own mind as she reached back and guided his hand up higher to her sphincter.

She felt him circle it before he slide his thumb in, “Oh god that feels good!  Are you going to be a real man and fuck by ass nice and hard?” she cried out as she raised her hand up and slapped her own ass hard.

He pulled his thumb out and she let out a little whimper as he stroked her pussy again, “Please baby… not my pussy today… take my ass.. please… I… I… really need you to fuck my ass today!” she begged him.

His hand worked it’s way up her back and he grabbed hold of her the bun she had put her hair in and tugged her upright.  She saw his face for the first time since he’d entered the room, or she should say she didn’t see his face, it was somehow blurry and the number popped in to her head instantaneously, 3000.

Her mind jumped back to the first day she had met him, eight months ago at the office of her company.  He’d walked in without an appointment but claiming to represent one of her competitors that had been trying to stage a hostel takeover for months.

Looking back, her first mistake had been to dismiss him out of hand, telling him to go back to his boss’s with his tail between his legs.

The second had been to underestimate him, assuming he was some junior lackey because he appeared so young.

The third had been to insult him, telling him his face looked broken and to get out of her sight.

It hadn’t been broken of course, she realized that now, and doubly so looking in to it again for the first time since that day.

He’d only smiled, or at least the sides of the blurry area around where his mouth should have been seemed to move upwards and he’d said just one simple statement, “3000.”

And then he’d left.  She’d watched him leave in stunned silence and then gotten on with her day, not giving him another thought.

At least not until a few days later, after she’d spent several restless nights masturbating harder than she ever had in her life.  When it had gotten to much, she’d headed out to a local bar on Friday night and found a random hookup.  He was cute enough for a one night stand and he’d fucked her well enough to get her to orgasm, but just as she came, the number had popped back in to her head.

By the next night, she was just as eager, if not more so, than she had been before he’d fucked her and she cruised another bar.  Another one night stand satisfied her temporarily, but the number was back once more.  

When she woke up, her boy toy still in the bed beside her and she was just as needy again.  She coaxed him back to life and fucked him again, but this time there was no release, no number in her head as she rode him hard and fast.

She finally pulled off of him and wrapped her lips around his shaft, moments later when he let his load loose, she came hard with the number firmly in her mind.

She kicked him out right afterwards and took a long hot shower, she could already feel her need rising again.  She wasn’t stupid, she knew he’d done something to her, something that made her horny as hell and would only let her cum once when a man fucked her and once when he came in her mouth.

She had tried to satisfy herself for the rest of the day, but it was no use and she headed out that night once more, finding yet another man to fuck her.  She kept him overnight as well, to make sure she could wake him up with a blowjob and she only hoped it would hold her over long enough to get in to the office and call her competitor.

She’d signed the paperwork later that day, officially transferring her ownership of the company but if she’d hoped that would be the end of it, she was sorely mistaken.

As her sat in his office, her hand shaking from the growing need, she signed the documents and looked over to her rival CEO.  He smiled, stood up and walk around the desk, taking the pen from her hand and setting it down.  Then, he put his finger under her chin and tilted her head upwards, caressing her lower lip with his thumb.

Without a second thought, she wrapped her lips around it and sucked it in to her mouth.  Minutes later she was on her knees, sucking his cock until his cum flowed down her throat and the number permeated her mind once more.

After that day, she had kept meticulous record.  How many blowjobs she’d given, how many times she’d been fucked.  She knew the numbers, 1500 each, and she dedicated herself to the task.

Without the company, she dedicated herself to hitting her numbers.  Blowjobs were easier, she could do a dozen in one night at a club.  Sex was harder, she had to find somewhere to take the men and spend at least a little bit of time seducing them.  But she quickly found it was easier to have the men come to her and advertised herself online.

She’d had to set a price of course, she couldn’t just have any looser show up at her condo and fuck her.  Instead she set a price high enough to weed out the lowlifes but not so high as to discourage men with even a little extra cash in their pocket.

She’d realized her mistake after about a month of blowjobs, she’d just swallowed her one thousand and first load, her orgasm washing over her, but no number popped in to her mind.

It was a shock, how could she have been so stupid?  It wasn’t 1500 blowjobs and fucks, it was a 1000 blowjobs, fucks and anal.

She had to be sure, she worked the man hard once more, using all the skills she’d learned in the first 1000 blowjobs and then straddled him, lowering her ass on to him and riding him slowly as he took her anal cherry.  Her orgasm hit her hard, the number blazing itself in to her mind and she cried out in pleasure and whimpered in fear at the same time.

She’d finished her 1000 fucks after 3 months and had been working full time on her anal ever since.  It was hard than she had expected, a lot of men simply weren’t interested in anal.

She’d had to keep up with the blowjobs and sex of course, she was fully addicted to the orgasms from them and she knew it.  The please of swallowing a man’s cum or feeling it fill her pussy was just too exquisite to pass up, even if the desperate need was no longer there.  And after all, the men were still more than willing to pay for it, so why shouldn’t she?

The tip of his cock pressing up against her gaping asshole brought her out of her memories, “YES!  Fuck my ass!” she cried out and pushed back on to him, sliding down his shaft easily.

999 cocks had made her ass loose, able to take his hard cock easily as he pushed her forward to the chair.  She grabbed the armrests with her hands and balanced her pelvis on the edge of the seat, rotating her as up so he could have easy access to her as he pulled back and slammed forward.

“YES!  YES!  YES!  Harder!” she cried out over the sound of the chair legs squealing against he floor as it slide forward from the force of his strokes in to her.

She was so close, she could feel her orgasm building as he pounded her again and again, “YES!  YES!  3000!  Give me 3000!” she cried out as she felt his hot seed enter her bowels and her orgasm crashed over her and the number glowed brightly in her mind, burning itself on to her brain.

Her body slid down the seat and on to the floor as her glazed over eyes stared up at him, a broad smile across her lips as she repeated the number over and over.

She knew the number would never flash through her with an orgasm again, but likewise it would also never leaver her.  Every minute of every day it would be with her and she couldn’t wait to cross it again.