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Jenni leaned against the glass wall at the front of the school and looked over to Kimberly talking to the man in the car, raising her boot up on to the glass as she did so.

She took a long strand of her pink hair in to her fingers and twirled it, before bringing it up to her mouth and chewing on it lightly.

God, she so loved her hair!  And her outfit!

Her pussy was getting wet just thinking about how Kimberly had helped her dye her hair yesterday and put the extensions in.  It was getting even wetter remembering putting on her favorite outfit and then kneeling down in front of Kimberly and licking her pussy until she came so hard that Jenni came too!

Her pleasant memories were interrupted as Kimberly waved to her to come over to the car and she wiggled her way to it.  When she arrived she stood beside Kimberly and clasped her hands behind her back, lower her head slightly trying not to make eye contact with the man sitting in the drivers seat.

Kimberly reached up and ran her fingers though some of the pink strands that hung beside Jenni’s face, “You remember Uncle Harris, don’t you Jenni?”

Jenni raised her head slightly so she could see the man and her eyes widened as she let out a small gasp, “Jenni remember!  Hi Uncle Harris! *giggle*”

Her pussy moistened even more if that was possible at the sight of her “Uncle”, he really wasn’t an Uncle, just a friend of the family that had taken her in when her parents had passed away.  She loved him deeply, and not in a paternal kind of way, a deep unending love at her very core, she knew she’d do anything he asked of her.

Uncle Harris smiled at her and a shiver ran though her, “Well, time to get going Jenni, get in the car.” he said and she bounced around to the passenger side and took her seat.  Then she took a quick look around and lowered herself on to his lap and opened his pants, fishing out his dick and taking between her lips as he reached around and grabbed her ass with one hand.

Jennie bobbed up and down as he and Kimberly continued to talk, but all her focus was on the dick in her mouth.

“So I can count on your support Capitan Harris?”

“Fuck yea Kimberly, as long as this little one delivers.”  he said, giving Jenni’s as a slap.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, that’s some of my best work.  She’ll do anything to make you happy, and I mean *anything*.”

“I’ll be putting that to the test you know.”  He said, slowly tracing his finger around Jenni’s asshole, “She was a real pain in my ass, no reason I should return the favour.”

“Yes, well, that’s your business now.  There’s going to be a bus-load of students come in next week, from one of those ‘underprivileged’ public schools, for a debate or something.  I’d appreciate it if you didn’t work to hard on any missing person’s reports you get.”

“No problem Kimberly, though I do have one question…”

“Why would I, the most popular girl in school, be trafficking sex slaves?”

“Well… yes.”

“Let’s just say that in the same way Jenni there is some of my best work, I’m someone else’s best work.”  Kimberly replied, turned and walked back towards the school just as Jenni felt cum start to flow in to her mouth.

She sucked as hard as she could, swallowing every last drop as her own orgasm crested and she suckled all of the cum from him as he started the car and drove away.