Gina gave a side long glace over to David as the music played over her headphones, “What?” she asked.

He smiled back and gave a little chuckle, “Nothing… just thinking about our anniversary last year, that’s all.”

She furrowed her brow and frowned slightly, their anniversary was coming up soon, what of it?  

Thinking back to last year she remembered them fighting all the time and hadn’t she gone to a divorce lawyer at one point?

She shook her head as the music played.  Yes she had been thinking about divorcing him, but that was one of those old silly thoughts she’d had, she’d put it out of her mind soon after he’d given her the new phone for their anniversary.

Since then, things had been going so much better, she’d realized the problems in their marriage weren’t David’s fault at all.  She’d let herself get all caught up in her job and had been ignoring his needs for years.

She realized she had to make it up to him somehow and it wasn’t long before she’d devised a plan on how to do it.

It had started out with the gym membership and then several trips to the salon.  Of course there was a lot of shopping involved, which somehow had gone from a chore to an absolute delight.

There had been a few mis-steps of course, at first she couldn’t quite figure out what David liked, but when she finally realized it was easier just to ask him and do whatever he wanted, things had been much easier.

She had been a little bit surprised when he’s said she should get a boob job, though really she shouldn’t have been.  She’d caught him leering at big boobed women many times and it had been a sore point for just as long.

She stole a glace over the mantel, a picture frame with two photo’s in it sat proudly there.

The first photo was from a couple of years ago, she was in her business suit, her short brown hair and simple makeup providing a very professional appearance for the office.

The second was from a few weeks ago, her tits pushed in to a tight pink top, her long blonde hair framing her heavily made up face and providing a very professional appearance of a completely different nature.

Her pussy buzzed with pleasure as she shut off her phone and wedged it between her tits, the music continuing to play as a wicked smile crossed her lips as she slide out of the chair and crawled over to David’s feet.

Her fingers worked his fly and button and she pulled his pants and underwear down around his ankles as she wrapper her lips around his hardening shaft.

She’d been unsure when David had said she should quit her job, but now she was very happy he’d suggested it, it had given her so much more time practicing her blowjob technique and other skills that she found so much more useful than what she’d learned in university.

She spent hours each day watching porn on her phone, studying how the actresses used their surgically enhanced bodies to provide maximum pleasure to their co-stars.

She had a series of dildo’s she used to practice with, her gag reflex gone, her pussy easily accepting David’s large cock, that at one time she had complained to him that it was uncomfortable when he pushed it too deeply in to her.

She giggled to herself at the thought as she swallowed David all the way to his base, how had she ever complained about David’s glorious cock pounding her tight little pussy, she just could no longer fathom.

She tasted David’s precum, and she pulled back until his tip was just in her mouth and his cum filled it as her hands pumped every last drop from him.

When she was done, she looked up, opened her mouth to show him and then closed it and her eyes as she swallowed, an orgasm crashing over her as her lips parted once more revealing her empty mouth.

She looked up at David and smiled as she suckled his softening shaft, their anniversary was only a few days away and she couldn’t wait to receive her present this year.

After all she’d been hinting for months that what she really wanted for their anniversary was for David to finally pop her anal cherry and she was pretty sure he was going to get her exactly what she wanted.