“Wh… what… what’s happening?” Macy said as she gripped her hair with one hand and covered her breast with the other.

Both were… wrong?  Was that the right word for it?  She wasn’t sure, but something told her that her hair should be shorter and her breasts smaller for some reason.

“Don’t worry baby, nothing happening, at least nothing to worry about.” Tom said and Macy blinked several times and the scrunched her forehead in thought.

What was Tom doing in her condo?  She was in her condo right?  Yes… yes she was she decided as she looked around, even if the furniture seemed different, cheaper, less sophisticated.

Tom was her neighbor wasn’t he? Had she let him in for some reason?  Yes, he’d knocked on her door and wanted… wanted… some advice on a legal matter.

Yes, that was it, she was a lawyer… a partner… at a law firm and Tom was her… her… neighbor!  Why was it so difficult to think?

She looked at Tom once more and noticed the small black device in his hand he seemed to be playing with.

“Hey… what… what is that?” she said and pointed at it.

“This?  Oh, it’s nothing.  Ah got it!” he said as he pressed a button and suddenly Macy’s head spun and her arms fell to her sides.

“Oooooohhhhhhh!” she managed to get out just before her head stopped spinning suddenly.

She blinked and then a wicked little smile crossed her lips and she reached up and pushed the silk coat from her shoulders and let it fall to the ground around her, “You like what you see mister?” she said in a thick accent that she’d never had before.

“You want Mae to fuck or suck baby?  Maybe you want both?” she asked as she stepped forward and cupped her tits in her hands and gave them a jiggle, “You pay for hour, you get whatever you want.”

“Whatever I want?  Even that tight little ass of yours?” Tom asked with a raised eyebrow.

Mae turned around and bend over, placing a hand on the window and twisting around so as to look over he shoulder.  Then she gave her ass a good hard slap with her free hand, “You want Mae’s ass, you got it baby!”

Tom unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to the ground as she placed her other hand on the window and looked outside as Tom pressed up against her tight rear entrance.

He pushed in hard and she cried out, “Yes baby, fuck Mae’s ass, fuck it good!”

She didn’t really like anal, but as long as the customer paid she put up with it.  But in this case, it was really her own fault.  Being an escort and finding a good condo was hard and she probably shouldn’t have caused such a stink about Tom’s request for a variance from the condo board for some renovations he wanted to do.

After all she knew Tom had been suspicious when they’d first met and she’d told him she was a lawyer, and being just next door it had been harder and harder to hide the constant flow of men from her condo.

He’d finally tracked down her booking agent and made an appointment, when she’d heard his voice on the phone she knew she was in trouble, but she had no choice but to go through with it.

But now, as he pounded her ass with his cock, she knew she’d be in this position more and more often.  She wouldn’t be able to say no to him, after all he could get her kicked out of the condo just by exposing her real line of work.

“Yeah baby, Mae love your cock in Mae’s ass!” she cried out as he let go and she felt his cum enter her bowels.

Maybe, just maybe, if she dropped her complaint against Tom’s renovations, he’d just fuck her in her pussy, but she somehow doubted that.