Lidia stared at the glow of her laptop monitor as she sat, legs spread apart, on her bed.  There were few things in the world she enjoyed more than the time just before she went to bed and her mind went blank as the colours danced on the screen.

It hadn’t always been that way, just a few months ago her mind had been filled with ambition and treachery as she assailed the glass ceiling at the firm.  The men unable, too feeble, to stop her fell at her feet as she used every dirty trick in the book to mow them down like wheat at harvest time.

But then, a challenge from an unexpected source appeared.  She had never thought much of Dave, the director of IT, but suddenly he seemed to be in every meeting, executives from every part of the business agreeing with his every idea.

She had wasted no time in attacking the problem head on, but he deflected each attack on his character that she made and she had to admit he was a more formidable opponent than she had at first thought.

Taking stock of her options, she had begun sniffing around his department, gaining access to files that had been left open, and researching everything she could about him.

She had spent many nights in bed, her laptop on her stomach as she browsed through file after file, never seeming to find anything that would help her.  But she had stumbled upon several files like the one that now filled her screen.

They had been grouped together in a folder call “Archived Projects” on one of the file shares she had found.  She had watched them all in succession one night and had fallen asleep before she’d finished the last one.

The next morning she’d felt refreshed and invigorated and accomplished her work for that day easily.  When she’d gone home and started sifting through more of the file shares her mind had wandered back to the files from the night before, something drawing her back to them, just before she ended her research for the night, she started them playing.

For several weeks her nights had continued along the same pattern; research, files, sleep.

She hadn’t even noticed that her research time had declined until one night, when after work she had gone to the gym for the first time in ages and only arrived home with enough time to view the files without doing any research.

She’d shrugged her shoulders at the realization, simply dismissing the little voice in the back of her head.  After all, why shouldn’t she take care of herself with some time at the gym, or watching a file that made her feel so good?

It was the same way when she realized she had been sitting upright, naked, watching the files.  She’d only noticed when her fingers had found her naked pussy, an eyebrow had arched as she wondered where her normal pajamas had gone.

But the thought had only last a moment as her fingers had started to dance across her lower lips and a moan escaped her upper ones.

Now, she didn’t give it a second thought.  Both of her hands worked her pussy as she watched the files each night, her gaze focused on the screen as the soft hum emanated from her laptops speakers.

So what if she’d been fired earlier that day?  It wasn’t like they hadn’t been justified, after all her work had gone down hill so quickly over the last few months.  She would come in late and go home early, her reports were full of errors and the last tie she’d stood up in front of the executives to present her departments quarterly results, she’d actually had to sound out the words on the screen.

Suddenly the laptop lid snapped closed and Lidia jumped in surprise as she looked up in to Dave’s smiling face.

“Dave… what… what are you doing here?” she asked, but her fingers refused to stop rubbing her pussy.

Dave just continued to smile as he reached out and placed his finger and thumb on her chin and titled her head from one side to the other.

“How’s the masturbation going Lidia?  Have you orgasmed yet?” he asked matter of factly.

“N… n… no Dave…” she stuttered out as her fingers continued to work between her spread legs.

“When was the last time you orgasmed?”

“W… w… weeks ago!” she said desperately.

It had been so easy at first files made her feel so good and her fingers easily worked her to orgasm, but then something had changed.  No matter how hard or long she rubbed for, her orgasm was always just out of reach.

“Would you like to?”

“YES!” she cried out with more enthusiasm than she should have.

“Then you know what to do don’t you?”

“I… I… yes… yes d… d… yes Sir.” A wave of pleasure rolled over her as she said the word and her fingers stopped rubbing her pussy.

She turned to the side and swung her legs over the bed before sliding down on to her knees and her fingers found Dave’s belt buckle and pants.

Her lips wrapped around his shaft before they even hit the floor and the pleasure washed over her with each stroke.

She took him deep in to her throat, again and again until she felt him stiffen even more.  Then she pulled herself off of him, wrapped both hands around his stiff member and aimed him right at her face.

“Please Sir, let me work for you!  I’ll be your slutty little secretary!  I’ll give you blowjobs morining, noon and night!  You can bend me over your desk and fuck me any time you want!  I’m begging you please… please… I need iiiiiitttttttttt!”  she cried out as stream of thick cum splashed across her face and her first orgasm in weeks crested.

Dave watched Lidia’s body spasm as it crumpled to the floor and smiled.

The other directors at the firm had been just as big of assholes as Lidia, but they had all been old men that he had only needed to be given a little nudge to to be more agreeable to his ideas.

Lidia on the other hand had been a real opportunity to test out the files effectiveness, and the blissed out grin on her face told him everything he needed to know.